500 Rupees Note RBI New Rules: आपके पास ₹500 का नोट है तो जान लें RBI के नए नियम

500 Rupees Note RBI New Rules: The Reserve Bank of India has issued new guidelines for 500 rupee notes in India so all the citizens of India need to check the 500 Rupees Note RBI New Rules. We are providing you the latest announcement of RBI for 500 rupees note which will be helpful for you to accept new currency note with the identification of RBI. 500 Rupees Note RBI New Rules are very important to check the authentication of 500 rupees notes. 

The Reserve Bank of India is the government body to manage Indian currencies. The authority has released new 500 and 2000 rupees note in India and after that discontinued 2000-rupee notes in previous years. Now citizens are worried about the biggest currency note in India of 500 rupees. There are many fake currencies available of the Rs 500 note in India which are very similar to the original currency rupee note. But if you are aware of the RBI guidelines of 500 rupees notes then you can easily identify the original currency accordingly.

Apart from this, many agencies are growing in India that are providing the service of exchanging mutilated notes but charging higher charges for exchanging the notes. So, if you are aware of the new guidelines of RBI then you cannot be cheated by anyone for 500 rupees notes. 

500 Rupees Note RBI New Rules: जान लें RBI के नए नियम

If you are accepting 500 rupees notes, then you can read this section where we will share with you guidelines for 500 rupees notes where you can identify signs of original currency accordingly: 

  • Security Thread: A vertical thread embedded in the note. It should change color from green to blue when you tilt the note.
  • Watermark: An image of Mahatma Gandhi and the denomination (500) should be visible when you hold the note up to light.
  • Micro Printing: Tiny letters “Bharat” (in Devanagari script) and “India” are printed on the note. You’ll need a magnifying glass to see these.
  • See-through Register: When you hold the note up to light, the numeral “500” should appear complete on both the front and back sides of the note.
  • Latent Image: Tilting the note reveals a hidden image of the denomination (500) on the front of the note.
  • Intaglio Printing: Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait and other elements should feel raised when you touch the note lightly.
  • Paper Quality: Genuine notes are made from a special paper with a distinct feel, different from regular paper

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New Rules for Exchange 500-rupee notes

Exchanging torn or damaged 500-rupee notes in India is straightforward. You can visit any bank branch, even if you’re not a customer there. Simply bring your ID proof (Aadhaar card, voter ID, etc.) and the damaged notes. For smaller amounts (under ₹5,000), the bank teller will likely exchange them for fresh notes right away.

If you have a larger sum or the notes are significantly damaged, the bank might take them for further examination and credit the equivalent value to your account within 30 days. There’s no need to fill out any forms for this process. Remember, extremely worn or burnt notes may require submission to a Reserve Bank of India office for special evaluation.

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500 Rupees Note RBI New Rules: आपके पास ₹500 का नोट है तो जान लें RBI के नए नियम

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500 Rupees Note: RBI का नया आदेश

So if you are aware of above details of the 500 rupees note in India then you cannot be cheated by anyone and can use the 500 rupees note without any problem. Apart from this there are many items of news circulating on the internet about the discontinuation of 500-rupee notes.

However, RBI has not provided any information about this so you can use all the Indian currency rupee notes such as 10 rupees, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 200-, and 500-rupees Indian notes accordingly.

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