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5 Unique Ways to De-Stress While Driving


This is so surprising that, something as common and unusual as driving has also lately been found to be associated with stress. Why Are heading from a time where long drives use to be stress busters to a time where driving has become stressful? That’s primarily because we are not making the most of these hours of driving!

Here are five ways that you all can try and de-stress while you drive daily:

1. Breathe In, Breathe Out!

If you know you are to drive for two/three hours daily, why not make the most of it. While you behind the wheel, inhale and exhale.

Deep breathing has been found to have a calming effect on your mind, so why not de-stress yourself by doing so during these hours.

Thankfully it needs no paraphernalia; all it needs is you to sit calmly, with some soft music and breathe in and out.

2. Play the Best Music

Music is therapeutic, is not just a phrase but has been scientifically proved as well. Get a good collection of songs for your daily drive.

It has relaxing properties that slow your heart rate, regulating your hormones and bringing down your anxiety levels.

Vibrations from music help to feel good and serve as the perfect way to cover those kilometres with much ease and comfort.

3. Space to Your Mind

Studies have suggested that driving provides enough time to a person to keep himself away from distractions.

With most of us being hooked to technology such as mobile phones and internet all the time, driving provides you mental space which gives you the chance to be focused.

Driving contributes in improving your concentration and focus by giving you enough time to significantly concentrate.

4. Introspect; Unveil Yourself

Things may get troublesome at work or at home. And are you amongst those who drive back home daily? Then trust us, you are lucky.

Lone time in the car while driving back home can help you introspect several situations, reactions and reasons for them.

Avail this time to understand what is disturbing you by both halting on your way and grabbing a coffee with yourself. If it’s a good evening, you can choose to stop by the greens and spend time with yourself which will help you de-stress!

5. Walk down the Memory Lane

Do you always happen to drive alone or is there a morning when you get the opportunity to drive with your close ones?

If yes, grab this time to talk about old days and memories. Such conversations not only refresh you, but will also bring the optimistic you outside.

Talking out, sharing and figuring out the triggers for such mood swings, significantly help to keep stress at bay. 


So all those driving back and forth daily, make the most of these hours. Try these unique ways to de-stress effectively and yet drive with a smile all through those kilometres. Make sure you opt for health insurance to stay protected at all times.

Happy De-stressed Driving!

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