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Learn these 5 Tips to make the most of Health Top-up Plan


Katie is an 87yr old woman who’s bedridden by a stroke; she has failing kidneys, arrhythmia (an abnormal heart rhythm) leaving her in need of constant care and regular hospital visits. You have to maintain her hydration and sodium levels, and she needs oxygen every evening, if her BP(blood pressure) gets too low, you need to call an ambulance and rush her to a hospital. This sort of constant back-and-forth can get tiresome and leaves you with bills piling up; until you hit your health insurance coverage limit. Situations like these are when cashless health insurance and a top-up plan can be a blessing.

A top-up health plan is additional coverage for those people who already have a health insurance policy. It complements your existing health policy by providing additional coverage at a reasonable premium. E.g., the cost of Katie's latest hospital visit including the ambulance charges, room expense, and miscellaneous medical expenses equals to 9 lakh rupees, but your insurance coverage limit is 6 lakh rupees, the top-up amount will cover the remaining 3 lakh rupees.

Health insurance companies make tie-ups with hospitals after negotiating their rates and checking their quality. These hospitals are called Network Hospitals, and they provide you cashless health insurance plan, eliminating the need for running around to arrange funds in the middle of a medical emergency. The cashless claim facility is available only at network hospitals where the insurance company directly settles hospitalisation bills, up to the sum insured by the insurance company.

Available Benefits

It is easy to find top-up policies that augment your existing health insurance plan, but double-check to see if the kind of medical treatments you foresee in the future is covered. You want to expand your health insurance cover with additional coverage, but it is pointless if the policy doesn’t cover you where you need it.

Deductible Limit

Health insurance top-up plans always come with a deductible clause. It is a fixed amount that’s paid by the company only-if-and-when you cross the deductible limit. Most insurers have a rule – ‘higher the deductible, lower the premium.'


After reviewing your family history, you can choose to purchase a top-up policy for whoever needs it. The city you live in also helps in deciding if it is necessary for you to invest in a single incidence plan or a cumulative deductible plan.

Pre-existing Conditions Cover

Most pre-conditions are not included in the typical insurance coverage policy. Make it very certain that your top-up plan covers any (if at all) pre-existing conditions.


Some Insurance policies have sub-limits on specific surgeries, room rent, and treatments – make sure your health insurance policy has no such limitations, and if it does, they should be a minimum.

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