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Car Insurance Plans for your first Sedan

1. Petrol or Diesel Variant


This is the most difficult choice to make when buying a car; ‘Should I go for petrol or diesel variant?’ Initially the price of a diesel variant sedan car may be a little higher but it reaps dividends down the line. The mileage offered by diesel variant cars is more than petrol variant. However, it requires a higher maintenance than its petrol counterpart, the latter being more powerful, cleaner and highly fuel efficient.

2. New or Used Car


There is always a craze to buy a new car rather than opt for used car, if budget permits. Most of the people end up buying a new car but forget that cost of a new Sedan depreciates, that too if you are living in metro city where most of the people use cars for daily commutation, leading to more wear and tear. Cost of Car Insurance offered by Insurance Company such as Bharti AXA also varies for different cars based on their age, engine capacity and usage, among other factors.

For new car users the average run in kilometres for month is less than 1000 km, but the depreciating cost varies between 50000 to 3 lac rupees depending on the type of Sedan car. Depreciation slowly keeps on reducing the value of your car as it gets older both in terms of looks and technology. And this realization comes at the time of selling your car. Based on this you could end up getting a low mileage.

To keep the depreciation of both the car cost and Car Insurance in check, you end up using the sedan sparingly and get it serviced from time to time. For such drivers who use their cars infrequently, should consider buying a used car than a new one. Now a days there are many car dealers dealing in used Sedans that can be relied upon to provide us a complete engineering check list to help you determine right price for your vehicle. With many banks now willing to provide financial assistance for used cars too, the process of purchasing it has become hassle free as well.

3. Cost and Price Negotiation


It is important that you consider your budget carefully before delving in to buy a new car. Opt for that variant of Sedan available in the market that fits well with your requirements. A thumb rule to remember here would be to never let the price of the car exceed half of your annual income. Also, decide here whether to look for financing to cover a part of your car’s price or full cost, and which financial institutions to seek loan from.

Firstly, remember not to reveal it immediately to your car dealer that you are going to opt for a car loan. Sales executives at dealerships are well trained in to lure with various discounts and usually present these price-cuts as lower interest rates when you are opting for a loan. So, ensure that you talk to them on the Sedan features more without divulging finances. You may offer a cash down and then negotiate over the discounted price and freebies which may be thrown in. Only then reveal your plan to opt for a car loan.

Car manufacturers and dealers often have exclusive arrangements with specific financial companies or banks which allows them to offer their customers competitive rates. If you opt for loans offered by the financial institute on your own, you may receive them at somewhat higher rate, although it will allow you to strike a more profitable deal with the dealer. Another tip to get a lower interest rate with your car loan is to opt for the loan nearing the end of a month. Towards a month’s end, bankers and finance agents are usually under pressure to meet their monthly targets and so are more than willing to give up their set margins simply in order to close a deal with a prospect.

Also, keep in mind to also calculate the added cost you will have to put in to buy Car Insurance ,to secure your Sedan.

4. Music System


Most Sedans come equipped with music systems as a part of a customary fitment which is manufactured by reputed audio equipment fabricators (OE suppliers). As an example, when you may not find any brand stated on a music system, it is usually manufactured and supplied by companies such as Alpine, and Blaupunkt. So, as long as you aren’t particular about the Brand, replacing the installed music system with a high-end audio equipment can very well be avoided.

5. Anti-Scratch Coating


The quality of paint on most cars these days is excellent and comes with a tough protective pre-coating that increases the life of the Sedan’s exterior. However, any type of anti-scratch protection can wear off over a period due to constant wear and tear , and cleaning of the Sedan. To prevent swirl marks from forming on your car, take care to clean your car carefully, not letting the larger dust particles from getting into the paint work. Also, make sure to wash your car only once every 2-3 days and polish it once each month. A daily car wash is not necessary and can cause more harm than benefit. So, if your car dealer offers you an anti-scratch coat, let him know you would come back for opt for it the next year.

6. Underbody Rust Protection


Most cars of the modern day come out for sale only after some kind of coat on them of underbody rust protection. In fact, today many cars roll out of their manufacturing unit, with a warranty on perforation which may vary between 5 to 7 years. Hence, a secondary coat of similar type may not be needed. So, if your dealer offers you the same, you can tell them you will get back for its reapplication when required. However, if you have to frequently drive on kutcha roads or your home is in close proximity to sea and the atmosphere around is humid with saline air than it can prove to be corrosive to your car. In these cases it can be a good idea to get an underbody coat that’s also chip-resistant.

Bharti AXA offers many various Car Insurance Plans with host of Add-On Covers to suit your needs and provide you maximum cover.


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