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Exploring Food Culture Of Seychelles


Seychelles is known for its picturesque beaches and laid back and relaxed vibe, however apart from the beautiful scenic beaches and views, Seychelles food is also quiet delectable.


Drawing influences from Indian, British and French cuisine fused with their own local ingredients and spices, the food of Seychelles is a hit with the tourists.


From freshly caught fish, to locally grown fruits, to spicy curries to sweet fried bananas, there is something here for everyone’s taste bud and palate.


Here are some Seychellois dishes you must try on your trip to Seychelles



Grilled Fish 


Seychelles is home to countless number of tropical fish species and fish is the most consumed food item in Seychelles, grilled fish being the most popular. Prepared on an open grill fired by coconut husk, flavoured with ginger, garlic and chilli the grilled fish is a staple meal of people in Seychelles. The juicy steamy fish is best enjoyed alongside rice.


Breadfruit Chips


A perfect snack for the beach, Breadfruit chips are salty fried chips made using locally grown breadfruit. It has a taste similar to that of sweet potato. There are many ways to prepare breadfruits but fried breadfruit chips are the tastiest and best way to enjoy them. You will also find a lot of other options like fried banana and fried raw papaya chips.




A vegetarian salad made with finely grated ingredients like unripe fruits like raw papaya or golden apple mixed with species, ground coconut and onions served along with your meal. However this salad is high on spices and chilli so make sure you try a small portion before diving into a huge bite.


Coconut Curry


If you are missing Indian flavours while on your trip to Seychelles, the coconut curry is just right for your taste buds. Influenced from Indian flavours, the coconut curry is a mix of veggies along with chicken or fish with a combination of spices like fenugreek, cumin, saffron, cloves and coriander and of course coconut milk.


Sausage Rougay


Influenced from French cuisine, the sausage rougay uses an extremely salty sausage made from local pork cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with onions and garlic and served with rice or bread. This is one of the most popular dishes amongst the tourists and you can find different versions of it being served in any local café or restaurant.




Similar to the traditional Indian kheer, the Seychelles ladob is a dessert made with coconut milk and banana or sweet potato. The fruit is cooked in coconut milk and sugar and flavoured with vanilla, saffron and nutmeg till it becomes soft and creamy.



You can also get hold of a travel guide for tips on the best places to try some authentic Seychellois food or the best restaurants to visit. Make sure before planning your trip you have all your travel documents like passport, visa for Seychelles , tickets and Seychelles travel insurance in place. Travelling overseas without travel insurance is a big risk so ensure you buy an international travel insurance before your trip to keep you and your family protected from any mishaps or unforeseen circumstances.

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