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Guide To Choosing The Most Comprehensive Hero Bike Insurance


A two-wheeler is the best mode of short travels in Indian traffic. It is much more convenient to weave through the traffic on a two-wheeler than using a car or any other vehicles. The main risk of riding a two-wheeler is that it is prone to accidents. Accidents caused on two-wheelers could lead to severe damage to the vehicle as well as the rider. They could even be fatal. Taking an insurance policy for two-wheeler is mandatory. The insurance policy covers various unpleasant factors such as accidents, thefts, etc,. In the event of an accident, insurance can be beneficial for the rider, co-rider and also the victim to whom the bike collides. The insurance that benefits the victim is called third party insurance. When it comes to the case of Hero bike insurance, policy holders can avail a number of hassle-free benefits.



Comprehensive Hero Bikes Insurance

The Hero bike insurance scheme provides a comprehensive policy that is much more beneficial for bike owners. In the event of an accident, insurance covers injuries caused to the rider, co-traveller and even the third person who collides with the vehicle. The insurance coverage that includes third party liabilities, injury caused to the rider and co-traveller, are called as comprehensive insurance. There are options to make some add-ons to the policy coverage for things such as vehicle accessories, engine protector, medical expenses, and many more.


Tips to choose the best comprehensive insurance

Most of the insurance companies and agents advice two-wheeler owners to go for a comprehensive insurance scheme instead of third party liability scheme. Most two-wheeler owners go for third party liability scheme because it is compulsory and affordable. Vehicle owners do not realize the benefits and advantages of a comprehensive insurance plan. It provides coverage in case of events such as theft, accident, natural disasters, terrorist attacks and third party liabilities. Below are some of the tips to be kept in mind while choosing the best comprehensive two-wheeler insurance for Hero bikes:




IRDAI approved insurer:

before choosing an insurer, make sure that they are approved by IRDAI. The vehicle owner should also check on the claim settlement ratio and customer service quality of the insurer.



As mentioned above, vehicle owners choose certain add-ons to get coverage on the vehicle parts in case of any damage.



Compare the best policy schemes offered by various insurance companies and choose the right one that suits your requirements.


Online purchase:

One of the major advantages of buying two-wheeler insurance is that you can make price comparison with many insurance companies. It also helps in simplifying the process and usually discounts are often given to online buyers in terms of their premium payments. Thus it helps reducing the overall cost of the insurance.


Know the terms and conditions:

It is always mandatory to go through the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and get a detailed idea about the benefits.



Every vehicle owner should make sure that policy renewal is done on time to ensure uninterrupted benefits. Such interruptions could cause many formalities where the insurance company has to carry out an inspection. Companies such as Bharti AXA provide online bike insurance renewal services that are much more convenient to the vehicle owners.

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