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Helpful Tips To Get A Quote For Honda Bike Insurance


Owning your brand new honda bike is the moment of pride. You can add lots of convenience to your daily life with the help of two-wheeler. For example, your commuting to the office, going to market or college becomes quite convenient and faster. However, your comfort of having the bike is incomplete if it is not insured properly. In case of an accident, you might land in trouble if your bike is uninsured or underinsured or improperly insured. While it is very easy to get your two-wheeler insurance online, here are some tips to get a better quote with proper cover.

Get Comprehensive Honda Bike Insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers the damages to your own vehicle, human injury and damage to the property or life of the third party. Legally it is mandatory to avail third party insurance before you can ride your bike on the road. The other cover like damage to own vehicle is optional. However, it is strongly recommended to opt for comprehensive honda bike insurance. It will cost you a few thousand rupees more but will save much more money for you in case there is accidental damage to your vehicle.

Mention Correct Insured Declared Value (IDV)

Insured Declared Value(IDV) is the reasonable market value of your vehicle based on the age of your bike. Many people opt for lower IDV to reduce the insurance premium. However, at the time of claim, you cannot get more compensation than IDV amount, for accidental damage. On the other hand, overly mentioned IDV cannot help you to get more claim amount, as the compensation is based on the actual damage duly adjusted with depreciation. Hence, it is highly recommended to opt for the correct IDV for your honda bike insurance. 

Ensure Accurate Details in Your Honda Bike Insurance Policy

It is recommended to mention accurate details regarding your honda bike, whether you fill-up the application form for bike insurance online or offline. If the details are not accurate, your claim may be delayed or denied depending on the nature of the defect. Below are the key points that should be taken care of when you fill-up the application form:


  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • Engine number
  • Chassis number
  • Owner name
  • Owner residential address
  • Date of purchase
  • The previous policy details, if any


When you receive your honda bike insurance policy, it is a good idea to cross-check the details in your policy document.  In case you find any of your details are not accurate, it is recommended to approach the insurance company as soon as possible to update your records with the correct details.

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