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Helpful Guide To Maintain Your Honda City


The Honda City car has been one of Honda's success stories in India over the last 20 years. With the 6th generation model soon to be launched in 2020, it is not difficult to understand the place this car has made in the hearts of Indian car owners.

Honda cars are incredibly reliable and easy to maintain; however, by ensuring a few essential pointers, you can ensure your Honda City keeps running smoothly over many more years.

  • So the first and the most basic pointer I would like to begin with would be maintaining optimum tire pressure in the tires of your Honda City. The recommended tire pressure is mentioned on the driver's side door and can be viewed easily by merely opening the door and glancing over at the side of the handle. Very often, people rely purely on the attendant to fill the correct pressure. Still, it is best to check it yourself as it only takes a minute and also varies with the number of passengers present in the car at the time of filling.


  • Have your Honda City serviced at regular intervals at Honda authorized service stations, as a standard schedule has already been designed by the company, and genuine parts are guaranteed. Going to an authorized workshop also helps maintain a complete service record of your vehicle, making sure nothing has been missed and is a practice that can fetch you a higher resale price for the car in the future.


  • The Honda City is a road car, and not built for rallying. Do not over accelerate or race the engine to heavy RPM's as this will negatively affect the performance of the vehicle and strain the motor.


  • It is best to park your Honda City in the shade. Direct sunlight will affect your car's paint over a while, making it look faded or dull. In case you have leather interiors, that too will tend to deteriorate faster if exposed to long hours in direct sun. If you are unable to find shaded areas in your routine trips, it is ideal that you use window blinds to protect the interiors and cover your Honda city with a car cover if the vehicle is parked outdoors for an extended period.


  • Don't wait for the fuel warning light to light up, and if you're going on a long drive, tank up at the earliest. Honda recommends filling the fuel when the ambient temperature is not too hot, so preferably early morning or late evening, this helps improve fuel efficiency.[1] 


  • Keeping an eye on the fuel economy of your Honda City car is helpful. In case there is a drastic or a consistent drop in the fuel economy, this is a sure sign of an issue that needs to be corrected immediately.


  • Make sure your Honda City's engine attains optimum operating temperature before you push it. Maintaining a low RPM of below 2000 is ideal for the car engine, and it also allows other components such as brakes, tires, etc. to warm up and hence perform better.


  • Most of the Indian roads, barring highways are filled with potholes, be gentle with your Honda City when running over a rough road as you can end up scrapping the belly of the car and damaging the suspension. Driving fast over a bumpy road is like hammering your entire car and will result in developing rattles.


  • Don't overload your Honda City. This car is to ferry five passengers, including the driver and some essential luggage. If passengers are lesser, a bit of extra baggage will not hurt, but remember, this is a car, do not treat it like a tempo. Overloading doesn't just impact the Honda City performance but can also be dangerous as it may make the vehicle's handing a bit unpredictable.


  • If your car has a mechanical issue, fix it right then. A damaged suspension, if not dealt with, will start eating out your tire. Make sure you visit a reputed garage if you cannot find an authorized service station, and never attempt to replace the parts with cheap copies or local spares. Every part of the Honda City car was designed, keeping in mind hundreds of factors, and the locally sourced or manufactured parts will most probably not be up to the mark on those points.


  • Keep your Honda City clean, a dirty car attracts moisture and finally rust. Avoid eating in the car as inadvertently; you will drop something. You may be the particular kind, but, likely, your co-passenger will not be. Food in the car not only smells but if it stays, there will rot and attract unwanted guests such as cockroaches and rodents.

There is no better feeling than walking up to your 5+ years old Honda City car, with someone asking if you recently acquired it because it is maintained so well.

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