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Purchased A Brand New KTM? Here's Why You Should Insure It Immediately


KTM offers adventurous two-wheeler experience with its light-weight body and powerful engine. It has made off-roading so accessible that the vehicle and the driver both need to be taken care of. KTM bike insurance is required not only as a part of the legal requirement but also as a part of fortifying you and your bike in case of any perils. The powerful engine of KTM enables the rider to drive adventurously off the road, but at the same time, your bike undergoes a lot of stress and you might need to get it repaired and serviced on a regular basis. Also, off-roading means taking a lot of individual risk - a fall, crash, ram, et al. while riding - which can burn a hole in your pocket if not mitigated. Buying bike insurance online has eased the process of evaluating policies. A comprehensive bike policy can provide you with an extensive cover. Here are some simple tips regarding choosing a KTM Bike Insurance Policy.


If You Really Know Your Bike, You Would Insure It

Evaluating the features of KTM bikes enables evaluating an insurance policy to get one fit the needs. KTM sports bikes come with light alloys in its body, which make the bike light-weight and prone to theft. KTM has majorly two series of bikes - RC and Duke, both of which have different variants that come in different range. The price of the bike is a major component in calculating the premium amount of insurance. The Insured Declared Value (IDV) determined from the current market price of the bike, forms a component of the insurance premium. You need to also evaluate your riding frequency and geography so as to help in getting a proper cover.


Do You Know How Much the KTM Insurance Can Cover?

Riding a sports bike, apart from an adventure, can be expensive. Whether you have a crash while off-roading or in busy traffic, you are going to incur a lot of expenses to get the bones of you, your bike, and the one you hit erected back. No insurance means no riding, and no comprehensive insurance means no off-roading. Simply remember the following tips for comprehensive bike insurance.

  • The place of registration, purchase date, et al. are important elements that you should know as these determine the premium amount and the coverage amount for your bike.
  • Nowadays, insurance policies come with a comprehensive cover. Look for a policy that, over and above third-party liabilities coverage, also provides coverage to you, your vehicle, pillion rider, depreciation, et al.
  • If you want to have seamless off-roading and insurance experience, remember to select a policy that is longer than a year to avoid the hassle of complicated insurance premium amount calculation at each renewal.
  • With the already high cost of the bike and the fuel, one would definitely want to cut back on some expenses. Insurance policies offer a No Claim Bonus (NCB) for not making any claims during the policy period. Such bonuses can be availed as a discount in the succeeding premium payment.


Gear up for an uninterrupted off-roading experience. All you need to do is make sure you have the right KTM Bike Insurance.


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