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How Much Does A Trip Cost To Visit UK?


Yes, the United Kingdom is an expensive travel destination that may break your bank if the plan is not executed well. It would help if you kept all the expenses in check when planning a trip to the United Kingdom. From flights to accommodation, everything should be booked well in advance to save big and have enough money in hand to spend while in the UK.

Here is an estimate of roughly how much a trip to the United Kingdom will cost. Take a look!


Let’s consider that you are flying out from New Delhi and landing at the Heathrow airport. One-way flight will come around 18,592. The cost of the flight will go up and down depending on when you book it. If you are booking in advance and picking up weekday flights, the chances are that you save big.

  • Visa

Without a valid UK visa, you won’t get an entry in the United Kingdom. Visa will cost you between 7-8 thousand – excluding the travel agent’s fee. A good thing to do is to apply for the visa in advance to limit the chances of any delay in visa processing and thus ruining every other thing planned.

  • Hotel

The property and the location that you choose to stay in the UK will be a deciding factor of how much you will spend. Another thing that will cause an impact is the time of the year you are planning your visit. Peak season usually has inflated costs.

  • Transportation

When in the UK, you won’t have a problem going around as there are various public transportation options, including ferry, bus, train, and taxi. You can even drive around in the UK provided that you have a valid international driving license. When planning to drive around, make sure you know of the rules and other things to have great driving experience.


To keep the budget in place, invest in a travel insurance plan for UK that will safeguard you against uncalled situations in a foreign land. Make advance bookings wherever possible to have a hassle-free trip.

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