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How To Save For Trip To France


France, the city of fine arts and delectable cuisines, is a country worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. But a holiday to this destination will quite possibly be heavy on your pocket. It takes a certain amount of smart financial planning and travel insurance to France, to not compromise on the country’s experience and yet save money during your stay.

Here are some money-saving hacks for your trip:

Flight Tickets

Book your flights several months prior to your trip. A France visa application takes up to 3 weeks to process, so plan accordingly. The sooner you book the tickets, the cheaper it will be. Compare the various airfares that different airlines provide and choose the one that suits your budget and schedule the best.

Also, do remember that several events and festivals in the host country inadvertently affects the cost of your airfare and hotel bookings. So, avoid going to France during the Fashion Week or the International Film Festival season, because then the flight tickets will be sky-high.



Book your stay in smaller towns rather the main city as the commercial main town areas tend to be very expensive. For instance, if you’re visiting Paris, you can book a hotel near Chartres, a quaint town near Paris.

You might also want to consider putting up at AirBnBs’ and other homestay/ rental places. Such places usually come with a kitchen and hence will help you save the money which you would have otherwise spent on eating out. 



Too much cost-cutting shouldn’t hamper your experience with the French cuisine you’ve heard so much about. Allow yourself to indulge in one authentic French meal a day. A prix fixe menu will consist of an entire full course meal at a fixed price. Your meal will include an appetizer, soup, salad, entrée, dessert and wine. That’s quite a lot, isn’t it? Also, do not forget to visit local bakeries and cafes to indulge in the authentic taste of France’s scrumptious baguettes and pastries.



Exploring the country can be heavy on the wallet unless, you invest in a rail pass, i.e the suburban train lines. Another alternative to taxis are the metro railways which are connected to major cities and tourists’ destinations like Nice and Paris.

A city pass also is a good idea to have a cost-efficient sight-seeing experience. Hourly passes give you free entrance to most of the museums, and discounts on bus tours and train tours.


A trip to France can be a dream-come-true if you plan it smartly. And now that you have a fair idea about getting started, we say, “Au revoir”!

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