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If You Are A Road Trip Enthusiast, Check Out Your Motor Insurance


A road trip does not remind you of insurance. In fact, it reminds you of the opposite. It shouts out freedom from the top of its lungs. It brings alive vivid images of long smooth roads, the wind in your hair, and the sky as the rooftop.

However, car insurance coverage should be a top checklist before venturing on your long journey. The reasons to do so are simple: Anyone can be in an accident any time especially on our potholed ridden, fragile roads, and in times of rash drivers.

Since you are busy packing the right gear for trekking and swimming, we thought we will pitch in with the right motor and travel insurance for your trip.


Third Party Liability Car Insurance:


What is third party liability car insurance?

If you are involved in an accident with a third party, and you are found to be at fault – then you may have to pay for the damages incurred by the third party. A third party liability car insurance covers you against any such payments including any legal fees involved.


Collision insurance cover:

What does collision insurance cover?

Collision insurance is needed when your vehicle collides with another vehicle, tree, fence, house, etc. In this instance, the damage caused to your vehicle will be reimbursed if you have collision insurance cover. The money is reimbursed even if the collision was your fault.

Who should purchase collision insurance?

Anyone who has bought a new car or an expensive car should go for collision insurance. Do not purchase collision insurance if you have any old car. The cost of the insurance will outdo the cost of the car.

How is it calculated?

The collision insurance is calculated based on varying factors like the age of your car, the make and model, your driving history, challans and fines you have paid before etc.

Is collision insurance available in India?

Collision course insurance is available in India. It is sold by all the major insurance companies.

Comprehensive Insurance:

True to its name, the comprehensive insurance covers any type of damage to your vehicle. Whether your car is damaged by fire, accident, theft. Lightening, forest fire, etc. this insurance has you covered.

It covers the cost of your vehicle, the third party’s vehicle the medical bills for your injuries and the third party’s injuries.

There are other benefits one must check before heading out on that long windy road to far-far away.

Nil depreciation cover:

The vehicle’s value goes down as it ages. When a policyholder files a claim, it is processed after deducting the applicable depreciation. However, if the policyholder opts for the nil depreciation cover, the depreciation is not added.

Engine protection cover:

In case your engine breaks down and the local repairman charges a bomb, the insurance company will take care of the expenses.


Finally, remember to renew your car insurance policy atleast ten days before the expiry date. This would enable you to review your policy thoroughly and request for changes if necessary. Also ensure that you disclose any aesthetic or performance modifications done on your vehicle to your insurer. These are a few things to look out for when you go on road trips. Anytime you purchase an insurance cover, make sure you check the age of the car, the deductibles and other if’s and buts before you finalise the car insurance coverage.

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