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Know the Difference Between A Hospital Cash Insurance Policy and A Health Insurance


Many people confuse health insurance plans and hospital cash insurance. Both these policies cover your health-related expenses but have different purposes. The misconception is that health insurance will pay all your medical costs. However, health insurance only covers the costs of treatment and medications.  Hospital Cash plans will meet all your miscellaneous expenses during the period of hospitalisation, which is not usually covered by regular health insurance.

Health insurance can also be used to include insurance which covers disability or long-term care needed for the patient. It is either provided by government-sponsored social insurance programs or from private insurance companies.

An individual consumer can purchase health insurance. Whereas the reimbursement provided by the hospital cash plan does not cover the cost of medical expenses and medical treatment. Hospital cash policy acts as a supplement to the health insurance policy because it provides benefits of cash intended towards:

• Patient’s diet expenses

• To and fro conveyance to the hospital by the family members and visitors

• Extra bed charges for people staying with the patient

Health insurance vs Hospital Cash Policy

A hospitalisation cash plan is a pre-defined benefit. Payment of fixed amount per day of hospitalisation is given to the insured / policyholder. The policy is designed to pay the policyholder a lump sum for each day he needs treatment as an in-patient, in either a government or private hospital. The amount helps to pay for any expenses incurred before, during or post hospitalisation. The daily benefits are linked to the total sum assured of your plan.

On the other hand, a health insurance policy is bought to protect you in case of a medical emergency. Health insurance can prove to be a source of support by taking care of the financial burden your family may have to go through. An adequate health insurance plan reimburses the patient’s hospital bills. Buying a proper health plan would help you save your hard-earned savings and other assets.

Remember, a hospital cash policy is not a substitute for health insurance, but a supplement to the existing health insurance covers bought individually or provided by the employer. Also, don’t forget to read the ‘fine print’ to get a knowledge of what is covered and what is not covered.

Many organizations provide their employees with group health insurance. But their needs are not kept in mind individually. In events of loss of job or change in employment, they are therefore left unemployed. So, it is suggested to get individual health insurance too in addition to the former.

Hospital cash policy comes in addition to regular health insurance. It makes such an arrangement where you do not have to make any out-of-pocket expenses. The hospitalization costs are settled between the hospital and the insurance company.

Bharti AXA offers a comprehensive health insurance policy. It also provides cashless hospitalization across 4500+ network hospitals with affordable premiums.

We provide 24/7 claim assistance and strong customer support as we understand your concern. It is rightly said ‘health is wealth’ and an accident or disease can arise anytime. Therefore, health insurance acts as a prevention against any misfortune so that the financial burden is the least of your worries. It also helps you save tax up to Rs. 55,000 under section 80D.  We provide flexible plans that suit your family/ individual needs.

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