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Secret Tips To Keep Your Wagon R Car Well Maintained


A little effort here and there is all that is required to maintain your Maruti Wagon R. With scheduled maintenance regimes, it ensures that the longevity of the car increases.

The owner’s manual of the Wagon R has clear instructions at timely intervals after which the car needs to be taken to the service centre for maintenance.  However, apart from that, there are various tips that you can apply to help maintain your Wagon R too.


Tips to Maintain Your Wagon R


Here are the tips that you can follow to keep your Wagon R well maintained:

Battery: When the engine is turned off completely, you should take look at the battery of the car. The exterior of the battery must be checked for corrosion. If found corroded, mix baking soda with warm water to clean it off. Fill distilled water in the battery for it to last longer.

Engine: Engines are known as the driving force of the car. The smooth functioning of the mechanical parts of the engine depends on the engine oil. Therefore, the engine oil must be checked and changed at regular intervals. If not changed regularly, then it may cause friction between the parts which may result in it to wear out. The owner’s manual lists a set of lubricants that can be used. With this, the oil pressure and fan belt should also be examined.

Tyres and Wheel Alignment: It is a must to get the tyre pressure checked regularly. The best time to get it done is when you visit the gas station for refueling. Incorrect tyre pressure affects the mileage of the car. Wheel alignment is also equally important since it ensures a better grip on the road and improvement of the life of the tyres.

Odd Sounds and Vibrations:  The owner must make a note of any abnormal sounds and vibrations coming from the car both when the car is in rest or when in motion. If any such disturbance is found, it must immediately be taken to the service centre.

Exteriors of the Car: The exterior of the car is what people get to see. Therefore, it can be prevented from wearing off by taking some simple measures. To prevent the grilles and bumpers from any pebbles or insects, use transparent tape. To make sure that the paint remains, polish the car at least 3 to 4 times a year. Wash the car properly to prevent it from accumulating dust.

Tyres: The work of the tires are not just balancing the car and making sure the car moves. The car directly gets affected by the condition of the tyres. The mileage of the car increases if the tyre pressure is good. The suspension of the car and wheel balance also gets spoiled if the tyre pressure is abnormal. Therefore, every time one visits the fire station, the tyre pressure must be checked. 

Brakes: Brakes are very important since it directly relates to safety. Hence, the condition of the brakes must be kept under notice to avoid unwanted circumstances. The boiling point of the brake fluid reduces since it absorbs moisture from the air. This results in spongy brake pedals and reduces the effectiveness of the brakes. Hence, the brake oil must be replaced every two years.

Other tips for maintaining the Wagon R car:

  • Regularly check the headlights, interior lights and taillights.
  • Drive at a steady speed of 60km-80km per hour.
  • Use only those good lubricants and engine oils that are mentioned in the owner’s manual.
  • Do not overweight the car unnecessarily.
  • Keep the air conditioner’s mode according to the temperature outside.
  • Incorrect shifts in the gear lead to excess oil consumption. Hence, it is important to shift gears carefully.
  • Use a cleanser and a scratch-free towel to clean the glass surfaces.
  • Switch off the engine of the car when the car is standing at the traffic signal and at places no required.
  • Check for the car’s cooling system.
  • Check the gear oil and gear system regularly.
  • Wash the car regularly during the rainy season to prevent it from rusting.

Following these simple tips can help to maintain your Wagon R, thus saving you a fortune in garage bills.  


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