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Smart Tips To Lower Your Health Insurance Premium


Health insurance is to be considered as an investment and not an expenditure in today’s day and age. It enables your family and you to secure the best possible healthcare treatment without causing a dent in your finances.

Like all investments – when health insurance is bought smartly and with care – you can get the best cover for the lowest premium possible.

Evaluate different health insurance providers and purchase online:

There are more than 25 general insurance companies in India that offer Health Insurance. By simply searching over the internet, you will get health insurance premium calculators offered by different insurers. You will only need to enter the required details to get a quote. You can compare quotes and choose the insurer whose offerings and quote seem optimal for you. In most cases, purchasing health insurance online turns out to be cheaper.

Start early

If you have time on your side, this is the easiest way to ensure that your health insurance premium remains low. You are likely to enjoy good health when you are young. When you turn older, you may contract lifestyle ailments or unhealthy habits which could bump up your health insurance premium. Therefore purchasing health insurance as early as possible would be advantageous. You can purchase it preferably within three to six months of your first job. You may be wondering why to purchase health insurance if your organization is already offering it. It is because:

  1. The terms of the health insurance policy offered by your employer could change overnight
  2. The health insurance coverage may not be enough
  3. Add on covers may not be available
  4. You won’t be covered when you resign


No claim bonus

Every year during which you don’t file a claim turns into a claim-free year. And during each claim-free year, a bonus amount gets accumulated to the sum insured amount. This bonus amount is called a no-claim bonus. In simpler words, you are being rewarded by the insurer for not making any claim during the policy period.

No claim bonus is offered in two ways – You can get either a discount on the premium amount or can get cumulative benefits which are offered as a higher sum insured amount. If your insurer is offering the former, then you will find your premium is lowered.

Go for a higher deductible

Deductible is the amount which you will have to pay from your own pocket before the insurance coverage kicks in. You can reduce your health insurance premium by paying a higher deductible. However, you should be careful about choosing the deductible as finalizing a higher deductible for securing lower premiums could increase the outgo from your own pocket.

Family Plans

When buying insurance for your family – which includes your spouse, children and dependent parents – the family plan works out much cheaper than the individual plan. Thus your premium outgo is reduced.

Choose multi-year premium payment

If it is financially feasible for you, you can opt for paying multi-year premiums together. Rather than paying a health insurance premium for just one year as typically is the case, you could pay upfront for two or more years. Your premium is most likely to be lower in this case.

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