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Tips To Get the Best Two Wheeler Insurance Cover For Your Vespa


Vespa is an Italian word, it means Wasp. Now you must wonder why a company would name its brand of two-wheelers ‘Wasp’. The Vespa brand is manufactured by the parent company, Piaggio. Established in 1884 in Genoa - Italy, Piaggio was mainly focused on manufacturing ship fittings, seaplanes and aeroplanes. The company started manufacturing vehicles for personal mobility aimed at mass market, after the Second World War. ‘Aprilia’ and ‘Vespa’ both are two-wheeler brands owned by Piaggio. When the first prototype was designed and presented in front of Enrico Piaggio - son of the founder Rinaldo Piaggio, he exclaimed “Sembra Una Vespa!” which means “It Looks Like a Wasp”. This is how the scooter brand got its name - Vespa. But it is true, if you have seen pictures of the very first Vespa, you’ll agree that it does look like a wasp. And not just that, it has certain characteristics like wasps, such as speed, maneuverability, environmentally-friendly engine, and of course “stinging looks”.


Why should you get an insurance policy for your Vespa?

No matter how perfect Vespa scooters are from every aspect, a lot of things depend on the road and traffic scenario. First of all, the government has made it mandatory to have an insurance policy for your two wheeler, or be ready to pay hefty fines. Looking at the roads and traffic in India, it is advisable to get a comprehensive cover for your two-wheeler in the form of a bike Insurance. Without proper insurance policy by your side, you could be charged up to INR 2000 in fine or even 3 months in jail.  Make sure that you get the Vespa insurance/Aprilia insurance policy today  

Tips for choosing the best two wheeler insurance

A two wheeler insurance policy should give comprehensive coverage in cases of theft, damage and loss of the vehicle. So, it is very important to understand the inclusions and exclusions in the policy. Here are a few tips that will help you in selecting the right insurance policy, so that you are not stung by a bad insurance policy.


●     Search for insurance companies that offer online policy purchase. You don’t need to go anywhere to get two-wheeler insurance nowadays. You can do it on your smartphone.

●     Look for different policies offered by the same company and also policies offered by other companies and compare their costs and benefits.

●     Identify which company has a good network of cashless repairers where you can get your Vespa repaired easily, without any financial hassles.

●     Make sure that you have the final policy document delivered to you in the form of a PDF or a hard copy at your address. And read it thoroughly to understand the clauses and claim procedures.

●     See if the company is offering No Claim Bonus (NCB) while renewing the policy, if you don’t file any claim with the insurance company.

●     Check if the insurance company gives any add-ons such as Depreciation Cover, which helps you in getting full benefits of the policy, even after the vehicle gets older.

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