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Tips To Take Care Of Your Bike In This Summer Heat


Summers are already here and temperatures in many parts of the country are already soaring over 40 degree Celsius. In such temperatures, it is not just your body but also your bike which needs special care. Here are a few tips to ensure that your ride stays at its peak even as the temperature climbs to new peaks.

Change Your Coolant

As the summer starts, you should drain out the old coolant from your liquid-cooled motorcycle and replace it with fresh coolant. After a whole year, the coolant would have lost its properties and would behave just like tap water would. This is not great for your radiator, and replacing the coolant would shield your bike against rising temperatures.

Check Your Tyre Pressure And Switch To Nitrogen

The rising temperatures make air expand. This means as you ride your bike, the pressure in the tyre would rise with temperature. Therefore, make sure that you keep the tyre pressure up to 2 units under the recommended pressure. We would recommend that you switch to nitrogen as this gas expands lesser and will keep the pressure stables. This is especially safe in summers when tyres could expand beyond their limits in extreme cases.

Check The Radiator Fan

It is important to ensure that the radiator fan is working properly, as the radiator is where the most heat in a bike would be generated. A strong splash of water or a high pressure stream used to clean the bike can cause damage to the fan. This would disrupt the cooling system. Therefore, make it a priority to check the fan regularly and avoid pointing high pressure water straight at the radiator fan.

Check Tyre Treads

The tyres tend to wear out much quicker in summers. Therefore, you should regularly check your tyre treads to ensure that you always have a good grip on the road. Replace the tyres as they approach their end of life.

Do Not Top-Off The Fuel Tank

Avoid topping off the fuel tank in summers as the fuel would also experience expansion in the heat. If the tank is filled up to the brim, and you leave it in the sun – the fuel can expand and overflow. Of course, you should also avoid parking your bike in such a way that it is exposed to direct sunlight – find a spot that provides ample shade.

Clean Your Engine's Fins

If you have an air-cooled engine, it is a must that you keep the fins clean. If these are dirty, the air flow to the engine is restricted resulting in the engine heating up significantly.

Follow these simple tips, and your bike would last through the summers. Above all, make sure that you have covered your bike with a comprehensive two wheeler insurance.

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