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Why Hatchback Cars Are Convenient On City Roads


Hatchback cars are popular with urban city dwellers due to their unique features. The hatchback cars are easy to park, they are also easy to drive in heavy traffic, and they give decent mileage and have flexible storage space. All of these features are crucially important to the city driver, where conveyance back and forth may take a large amount of your time as well as your energy and mind space.

What is known as a hatchback car?

Hatchback cars are small cars. They generally have 4 doors and a separate door for the boot. The boot swings upward to open. Hatchback cars are generally higher than other cars. Hatchbacks can generally accommodate at the most 5 passengers (comfortably 4 passengers in most hatchbacks) and some luggage.

Manufacturers play around with the designing to provide different features in hatchback cars. Some of the features include collapsible rear seats in case of fewer passengers and bigger luggage. Hatchbacks are much preferred for city driving.

Some examples of popular hatchback cars are the Renault Kwid, Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, Hyundai i20, Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Tata Tiago, Hyundai EON, Toyota Glanza, Hyundai Santro, Volkswagon Polo, Toyota Etios Liva and even the humble Tata Nano among many others.  

Hatchbacks are excellent for easy parking:

The dearth of driving space makes many a city driver despair at the thought of purchasing or using a car. Hatchbacks due to their practical compact dimensions, shorter bonnet and raised seating are extremely easy to handle as well as to park especially in shortage of spaces or tight parking spaces which are a key feature of city driving.


Hatchbacks are easiest to drive in heavy traffic:

Hatchbacks are extremely easy to drive around – they are easy to manoeuvre, stop, start, park and get going again. City driving includes traversing through tight spots, narrow lanes and small parking spots. Driver fatigue can be a real problem with the day to day commute in such conditions. In cities with the multiple needs that the cars need to fulfil, hatchbacks do an admirable job of fulfilling all the requirements. They can pile on loads or people in the smallest space possible and make getting around the city a breeze.

In case of need, hatchbacks can also take on long-range driving for going out of the city - fulfilling all the requirements of the modern-day urban car owner. While the hatchback cannot match the sheer power of the other cars on the open roads, if your usage is mainly around the city a hatchback car is certainly the most convenient. 


Hatchbacks give good mileage and are cost-efficient:

Hatchback cars being lighter in weight – offer better fuel efficiency and hence mileage to the user. This may be especially when compared to sedans or any other cars. With the fuel prices heading only in one direction viz. upward this is a contributing factor to the choice of the car.

Hatchbacks are also cheaper than the other cars suitable for city driving – such as sedans or small SUV vehicles. They offer real value in use to the owner as compared to the cost of purchasing the vehicle.


Hatchbacks are flexible with storage space:

Hatchbacks offer two great benefits for carrying luggage. One reason is that their storage space is flexible and can be extended into the rear seating space. The other benefit is to carry large or oddly shaped luggage – the opening of the boot of the hatchback cars is much wider than others and allows oddly shaped luggage or large luggage to fit in easily.


In short, a hatchback car is the ideal travel companion to the urban vehicle owner and its convenience of use is a good reason to compromise on the slightly lower status it is afforded as a class of vehicle.

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