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Why You Need Bike Insurance With Increasing Potholes


Without a doubt, everyone riding a bike out there hates the potholes that disrupt a smooth ride. Due to the increase of potholes on Indian road, you should take definitive precautions towards safeguarding your bike from damage through sudden accidents. According to reports, more than 25,000 people were found to have suffered injuries due to potholes in the last three years in India, while approximately 9300 individuals have died due to pothole related accidents. You never know when you can hit a pothole while riding and what damage it can do to your bike. And hence, you should probably get the right bike insurance policy that can offer proper coverage for you and your bike. If you have the right insurance at least you will be able to claim on bike policy to recover the accidental damage to your bike occurring through one of the major issues plaguing the roads of India today.

How can a pothole damage your bike?

Potholes on the road harshly impact your steering, suspension, wheels, and liners of your bike. Losing control over your steering is unquestionably a sign of threat to the bike as well as the rider. A pothole can be of any size and hitting it at a high speed can substantially increase the damage to the person and the bike.

Why should I get bike insurance?

Maybe you have never met with an accident and you might have no idea what financial losses might be incurred due to damage to your bike. The lack of awareness in this case should not be seen as a layer of safety, it is infact this ignorance that makes us complacent and makes us lose our edge on the road. If you own a bike insurance policy, you can claim coverage for the damage that happens to you and your bike under unforeseen and unexpected circumstances. Having insurance can always save you from paying considerable amounts of money for the recovery of your bike.

Can you claim for pothole damage?

Several types of two-wheeler insurance policies exist in the market, from which you can take your pick. However, not all insurance policies cover accidental damage due to potholes, especially as most insurance policies are geared toward third party compensation. To have coverage for pothole induced sudden accidents and injuries, you must have an appropriate insurance policy.

What insurance is required for pothole coverage in India?

Simply put, you cannot get pothole coverage by having theft insurance or third party insurance for the bike. Even some comprehensive bike insurance policies do not cover accident damage due to potholes. To claim pothole coverage, you should have Collision insurance. This insurance helps you to claim coverage for the damages in an accident with other vehicles or collisions with other objects, a clause under which pothole based accidental damage is also covered.

How to file a claim for pothole induced accidental damage?

Getting a claim has become so easy these days. You can just start and complete the process of claim filing online by following the simple steps below;

  • STEP 1: Contact the insurance company.
  • STEP 2: Now, send the damaged vehicle for the evaluation with the required documents to one of the garages that are a part of the network of service providers established by the insurance company.
    • Required documents: Claim form, Copy of Insurance Policy, Bike RC Book, Driving License.
  • STEP 3: Once done, your vehicle will be repaired.

If you choose to opt for cashless claim settlement, then the company will settle bills directly with the garage. Otherwise, you can make the payment for the deductibles and the insurance company will repay the amount to you.

Due to the myriad threats that your bike is prone to on the road, you must stay alert and must always have the right insurance policy that offers coverage on accidents and unforeseen circumstances of any kind.


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