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Why You Should Not Skip Your Car Maintenance Date


All of us like to be very selective about the kind of car we wish to purchase. We pay a lot of attention to the design; build quality, mileage, console and the overall performance. However, some of us aren’t able to care for our cars properly. A car needs to be serviced and maintained at frequent intervals for smooth functioning. Here is why you should not skip car maintenance.


1. It enhances the car’s life


Maintaining a car by taking it to a professional mechanic at an authorized service centre might seem tedious. However, the benefits of regularly maintaining your favourite automobile are many. A professional mechanic carefully examines the car and makes a detailed report about all the areas that need attention.


At an authorized car-service centre you can relax and let the mechanic carry out all the technical checks of your car. Make sure that you clear all your doubts by asking relevant questions to the mechanic. The mechanic will assess the extent of damage and advise you accordingly. Minor repairs can be fixed immediately and the ones that require longer attention will have to be repaired over a period of a few days. A well-serviced car will not only make you happy while driving but also enhance the life of your car.


2. Ensures your safety and of those around you

A professional mechanic will not only make you aware about the technical defects and damage but also alert you about any prospective issues that may impact safety. A well-maintained car always decreases the chances of accidents on the road. Regularly maintaining your car will not just enhance the life of your car but also make it safe for driving. Safety is a very important aspect of driving and at any cost, it must not be compromised. A safe driver is a happy driver.


3. Increases the life of car’s engine

A car’s engine converts chemical energy in the fuel into the mechanical energy required for moving the car. Engine is the heart of a car. Checking the health of a car’s engine is mandatory and must not be ignored or postponed. It is advisable to make a personal checklist of things before going to an authorized car-service dealer. Make sure you have made a note of all the doubts and concerns. Get all your doubts clarified at the service centre. Look for any warning signs in your engine. If the engine is giving out emission inside the car or making weird sounds then it is definitely a warning sign. A damaged engine is a major safety hazard and it tends to consume more fuel. Increased fuel consumption wastes your money, damages the car, jeopardizes your safety and also harms the environment. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should skip your car maintenance and more importantly a regular check up of the health of car’s engine.


4. Maintains the true value of car

Regularly maintaining your car helps you derive true value of your car insurance. For instance, if you have spent money on a sedan to enjoy a comfortable driving experience, a well-maintained vehicle will offer the same. However, a vehicle that isn’t maintained properly, could end up marring the driving experience for a driver. It is also important to note that the value of a car keeps depreciating from the time it is driven out of the dealership.  After a few years you might wish to sell your vehicle. A well-maintained vehicle would be able to command a better price as compared to one which isn’t.


Therefore, not skipping car maintenance, sustains the true value of a car.


5. Value for your money


A car functions smoother and gives you the ultimate pleasure of owning a fine creation of automobile engineering. A well-maintained car safeguards the vital parts of a car and reduces excessive fuel consumption. If your car is serviced on time, then it also saves huge bills for major repairs that may arise due to damaged parts. A car that runs well also makes you save the extra expenditure on fuel.


Thus, regular maintenance of a car is essential for enhancing its life and saving your hard-earned money while ensuring safety. One should also never skip car insurance renewal while making the maintenance checklist of your car.


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