DU Winter Break Starts 13- 19 Nov, Exams Postponed

DU Winter Break: The University of Delhi has declared winter break earlier by seeing severe air quality in Delhi and Delhi NCR. All the colleges and Universities affiliated with the University of Delhi will remain closed from 13 November to 19 November 2023 according to the official notification shared by the University of Delhi. Delhi has been suffering poor air quality for the past week due to the burning of parali in neighbouring States. After that, all the institutions are taking this problem seriously and taking appropriate steps to overcome this situation.

Delhi University Early Winter Break 2023

There are many colleges affiliated with the University of Delhi where students pursue higher education including graduation, post-graduation, diploma, and certificate courses. The University released a notification on 9 November 2023 before a day of Dhanteras and declared winter break for Delhi University and its colleges. Winter breaks are starting on 13 November 2023 on Monday and will and on 19 November. Weekends of Saturday and Sunday are already closed University so Delhi University has closed from 11 November. and from Monday, 13 November University will close for a week for winter break. However, winter break falls in the month of December at Delhi University. However, the University has taken the decision to implement GRAP 4 measures in Delhi. It is an emergency situation for delights to overcome the harmful impact of air pollution in Delhi. So all the students and University staff will stay at home on this complete holiday as the University will not open during the upcoming week till 19 November.

DU Winter Break Starts 13- 19 Nov, Exams Postponed

Pre-schedules will not change in DU

The University of Delhi has already announced the schedule of the examinations which are going to be conducted in the upcoming month of December on the official website. Apart from this, the university is also conducting interviews for multiple purposes including recruitment in different dates. It is mentioned in the official notification released by the University of Delhi, that these pre-schedules of examinations and interviews will not be changed. So if you are preparing for the examination in an upcoming month then you should not close your preparation during this early winter break of Delhi University. However, all further information will be transferred by the University on the official website so you can visit regularly to check these updates.

Implementation of GRAP 4 in Delhi schools

The educational department of the Delhi government has also announced Early winter vacations between 9 November to 18 November 2023 to implement the provisions of GRAP 4 to overcome harmful impacts of air pollution for students and other staff related to the schools. Schools was already closed for primary students early till 9 November but the school staff and students of upper classes were already coming to the school accordingly. But now all the staff of schools in Delhi including Government schools, private schools, government-aided schools etc will remain closed till 18 November 2023. The department can further release and notification to extend this vacation by saying the situation of air pollution in Delhi. 

Artificial Rain in Delhi

The Delhi government has been exploring the use of artificial rain, or cloud seeding, as a way to combat the city’s severe air pollution problem. In November 2023, the government announced plans to conduct a pilot project on artificial rain, but the project was later postponed due to a lack of suitable clouds. The unexpected rain fell on Friday in Delhi and Delhi NCR which have produced the level of AIQ from 450 to 200 and less than 100 and specific locations which is very good air quality. But government is continuously working to implement the artificial rain project in Delhi with the help of professors in IIT Kanpur. However, due to a lack of an appropriate environment for Artificial rain, the government is postponing this project for a suitable environment. 

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