Engine and Gearbox Cover

A mechanical breakdown can be frustrating, and can leave you with a hefty repair bill. Engine and Gearbox Cover

This cover offers you financial protection when your car breaks down, due to damage to the internal parts of the engine and gearbox.
Arising out of leakage of lubricating oil due to accidental means or water ingression.

Consumables Cover

At the time of claims, usually consumables like oil, nuts, bolts etc. are not covered under the insurance. You can now save on consumables like nut and bolt, screw, washers, etc. when making a claim. This add-on covers expenses towards consumables which are unfit for further use, arising out of damage due to an accident or any such event.
Key features:

Hospital Cash

Hospital Cash CoverThis add-on gives you a lump sum amount for each day spent at the hospital in case of an accident in the car. It provides a daily cash of Rs 1,000 per day when hospitalized for up to 30 days. It is valid only for treatment by a registered practitioner.

Medical Expenses

This add-on provides a sum of up to Rs 10,000 for you and the passengers traveling in the car.Medical Expenses Cover
This covers the medical expenses for the treatment of the injured person, in the case of an accident.

Invoice Price Cover

Invoice Price CoverOne of our exclusive offerings, this add-on is an essential cover.
In case your car gets stolen or completely damaged, you get the depreciated value of your car under the standard policy.
The value is called Insured Declared Value. If you choose this add-on cover, you get the invoice value of the car along with the registration fees, road tax, and insurance.
Given the vehicle is covered up to 2 years from the date of registration.

Road Side Assistance

Road Side AssistanceThis add-on cover has been designed to ensure you have an hassle-free experience every time you are on the road. This cover will provide you the right assistance in case you have an accident or a breakdown. This way you can plan any road trip or commute without worrying about the unpleasant events.

Key Features:

No Claim Bonus Protector

A claim free year can give you up to 50% discount on the renewal premium due to the ‘No Claim Bonus’. No Claim Bonus Protector

The percentage can get reduced to 0% because of a single claim.
This add-on cover helps you retain the same ‘No Claim Bonus’ even after 2 claims in the policy period.