LIC Lakhpati Scheme 2024: सिर्फ 45 रुपये के निवेश से पाएं 25 लाख रुपये! घर बैठे इस तरह आज ही उठायें लाभ

LIC is providing LIC Lakhpati Scheme 2024 to the policyholders where beneficiaries can get up to a maximum of 25 Lakh amount after completing the maturity of the LIC Lakhpati Scheme 2024 policy. So if you are looking for a beneficial LIC policy to earn maximum return then you can check the details of the Lakhpati Scheme of LIC in this article. Where we will discuss with you complete dateils of the LIC Lakhpati Scheme 2024 such as LIC Lakhpati Scheme eligibility criteria, Investment Plan, LIC Lakhpati Scheme 2024 Application procedure, interest, returns, locking period etc.

LIC Lakhpati Scheme 2024 is an investment plan in the company for individuals who want to invest for long term. The LIC Lakhpati policy 2024 will enable applicants to save the little amount per day which will become a great amount at the end of the policy. LIC offers a verity of live Insurance plans in the country and enable applicants to earn Lakh of rupees, so that is why this LIC Lakhpati Scheme 2024 plan is known as lakhpati scheme of LIC. Money back plans, endowments plans, whole life plans etc are providing good benefits collectively to the participants.

LIC Lakhpati Scheme 2024: सिर्फ 45 रुपये के निवेश से पाएं 25 लाख रुपये!

Few people are only not investing in the LIC policy due to high amount of investment. But it is a myth. If you can save only 45 Rs per day then you can earn lakhs of rupees in LIC Lakhpati scheme 2024. As if you only invest 45 daily then you will able to save 1358 Rs per month. And 1000 or more per month investment is very common but will provide good returns to the investors.

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LIC Lakhpati Scheme 2024 No maximum amount limitations

LIC is not limiting their applicants to invest their investment in LIC schemes. However minimum investment is starting from Rs 100000 in LIC which is accepted in multiple instruments such as 1000 rupees per month etc, but there is no maximum limits of investment in LIC. So how much you want to get back and have savings in your bank account you can invest in LIC accordingly.

LIC Lakhpati Scheme maturity 

LIC is not forcing investors for one side maturity period of their policies. You can invest according to the plan and your suitability. You can decide the maturity period of your LIC Lakhpati Policy 2024 according to your need and your payment. How much you choose long term investment for LIC Lakhpati 2024 maturity you will get large returns accordingly. 

Covers of LIC Lakhpati Scheme 2024

LIC insurance is very beneficial for those who are looking for a good investment plan as you will get your 100% investment after completing the maturity Period of the LIC Lakhpati Scheme 2024 policy. Apart from this you will also get additional interest on your investment. Multiple schemes are also fine bonus and fund values for the policy holders according to market share which is further increasing the benefits of LIC scheme.

However, the income through LIC is taxable and you will not get relaxation in tax. But there are other benefits also which are engaging applicants to invest in LIC. Apart from this if a policyholder dies during the policy of LIC then the nominee will get a 125% payment on the investment in LIC. There are also other benefits including accident covers etc to the applicant and their nominees.

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Get 25 lakh in LIC Lakhpati Scheme 2024

There are multiple calculations of receiving maximum benefits in LIC schemes 2024. We are suggesting one of them to get 25 lakh income after completing your maturity of the LIC Lakhpati Policy. If you are saving only 45 rupees per day then you can invest approximately 1358 every month. After that if you follow the same calculation for next 35 years then you will able to invest total Rs 5 lakh rupees after completing your policy.

During her policy you will receive approximately 8.6 lakh as a visionary bonus and the final bonus of 11.50 lakh will also provided additionally. But you should remember that the bonus value provided to the policy holder if they choose the policy of more than 15 years. So as if you select 35 years policy then you will get double bonus during your policy period and will able to receive approximately 25 lakh payment after completing the maturity.

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