Low CIBIL Score Loan Apps in India 2024: कम Credit Score होने पर भी 27,500 रुपये का लोन तुरंत! जरुरत आपकी साथ हमारा पॉलिसी

Low CIBIL Score Loan Apps in India 2024: Sometimes we suddenly face financial crises due to any reason, and in that hard situation we ask for help from friends or relatives. But sometimes we don’t get help from any of them. In that case, we move for the bank loan. Taking a loan from a bank can be a good choice but, the majority of the time banks reject applications due to poor CIBIL scores. If your CIBIL score is 0 and you need a loan, don’t worry. Here is information for you about some such loan applications that can help you get a loan in a few minutes. if you want to know more, Then in this article, we have given you all the information about the loan application.

Let us know about the CIBIL Score Loan application, which provides you online loan from the phone with a minimum CIBIL score. You can take this loan for any of your needs, here you get the loan without any extra payment. The biggest feature of a 0 CIBIL score loan is that it is completely safe, you can apply for it anytime for any of your needs and you do not need to go anywhere to get it. Although there are many benefits of taking a loan from this 0 CIBIL score loan application, if you want to take this loan then you should keep many important things in mind so that you can get the loan safely.

Low CIBIL Score Loan Apps in India 2024: Highlights

Loan amountUp to 27 thousand INR
Application processOnline
Guarantee for the loanNo Guarantee is needed!
Loan replay time periodUp to 60 months
Interest rate on the loansUp to 36%
Loan securityRBI approved applications
Required eligibility for the loanLoan replay period

“0 CIBIL score” important point to be noticed

If you want to take a loan through a 0 CIBIL score loan application from this location, let us see what you will have to bear for the same, however, this is just an example where change is possible, so whenever you visit this website keep checking. If you decide to take a loan, do it carefully and very wisely.

  • Suppose you get a loan of Rs 2,75,000 here (initially it will be very less)
  • You will also get time up to 24 months to recover the loan
  • Here you will have to pay interest on the loan on an annual basis, which will be around 32 percent, which will include around Rs 1,76,000 + GST.
  • Those with low CIBIL scores will also have to pay Rs 9,000 + GST ​​processing fee to avail of the loan.
  • Now a loan of about Rs 261,000 will be given in your account on zero CIBIL score.
  • The EMI of this loan for the coming 24 months will be around Rs 18,791.
  • The total payment will be approximately Rs 451,000.
  • To take this loan you will have to spend approximately Rs 190,000.

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Low CIBIL Score Loans in India 2024

Interest rate and processing fee and penalties of the 0 CIBIL score loan apps

Interest rate on the loan: Friends, to take a loan from this 0 CIBIL score loan app, you will have to pay up to 36% interest on an annual basis, which starts from around 20%.

Penalty on the loan: If you do not pay the loan on time, you will have to pay a penalty for it

Additional Payments related to the loan: To avail of this loan you will not need to make any additional payments which would not have been required to be made before the first loan

Nach: Friends, to get this loan, you will also need Nach and if you are not able to pay on time, then you will have to pay to the institution providing this loan as well as to your bank.

Processing fee: You will also have to pay a processing fee of 10% or more i.e. up to Rs 10,000 for the loan.

GST: Here, if you take a 0 CIBIL score loan, you will also have to pay 18% GST on all expenses, which is mandatory.

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List Of the Apps from Where You Can Take the Loan

Name of the Loan Application
Freecharge Loan App – Upto 1 Lakh LoanBhim App Loan Upto 10 Lacs
Lazypay Loan App – Upto 5 Lakh LoanChola OneLoan App – Upto 3 Lakh Loan
Mannapuram Loan.Prefer Credit
True Caller LoanFlex Pay Loan
Flexpay Loan App – Upto 2 Lakh LoanOne Card Loan
Mobikwik Zip Loan – Upto 60000 LoanMobikwik Loan – Upto 5 Lakh Loan
EpaylaterTruebalance Loan App – Upto 1 Lakh Loan
OML Loan – Upto 5 Lacs LoanRupeeredee Loan App – Upto 25000 Tak Loan
Creditmantry LoanTATA Neu Credit Line
Branch Loan App – Upto 50000 LoanSimple Loan App- Upto 50000 Loan
Ziploan – Business LoanBharatpe loan
Rupeek App (Gold Loan)Mitron Capital – Not Specified
Snapmint Loan App – Upto 40000 LoanTradofina App- Loan Upto 50000
Vyom By BOI App – Upto 10 Lakh LoanIIFL Loan
Faircent Loan – Upto 10 LakhkreditbeeLoan App – Upto 4 Lac Loan
YONO BY SBI LoanVyom App – Upto 10 Lakh Loan
Finnable Loan App – Upto 10 Lakh LoanNavi Loan App – Upto 10 Lakh Loan
FatakpaySlice Loan App – Upto 5 Lakh Loan
IIFL Loan – Upto 5 Lakh LoanI mobile App – Loan to 5 Lakh
Phocket Loan App – Upto 2 Lakh LoanRupeek App (Gold Loan)
Loantap Loan App – Upto 10 Lakh LoanParimal Finance
Upward Loan App – Upto 5 Lakh LoanPaytm Business Loan – Upto 10 Lacs Loan
Paysense Loan App Upto 5 Lakh LoanPhonepe Upto 10 Lacs Loan