Low Cibil Score Loan 2024: घर बैठे कम सिबिल स्कोर पर, 20 सेकंड में 15 लाख का लोन इंस्टेंट

Kam Cibil Score Pe Loan 2024: The Cibil score is an important factor while applying for personal loans either in banks or financial companies. Banks have strict rules and terms and conditions for personal loans. So most of the citizens who do not maintain cibil scores, have to face rejection of loan applications in the bank. So if you are also one of them and have a cibil score between 550 to 600 then you can check the guidelines in this article “Kam Cibil Score Pe Loan 2024” which will help you to get an instant loan over your extremely bad cibil score. 

Cibil score is a 3-digit unit that is prepared by banks by checking multiple banking activities of the applicants. It starts from 300 and the maximum CIBIL score is 900. A cibil score of more than 750 is suggested as a good score and all the banks in India are providing personal loans to individuals who have more than 750 CIBIL score. However, those who are suffering from bad CIBIL scores have the option to apply to small financial companies for personal loans. These companies are registered with RBI under NBFC. Individuals can apply for personal loans (Kam Cibil Score Pe Loan 2024) in these small financial companies with a cibil score of more than 650. But if you have less than 650 cibil score then it may be problematic for applicants to Apply for unsecured loan 2024. So you can check secured loan offers of banks and companies to get personal loans. 

Kam Cibil Score Pe Loan 2024

Multiple factors decrease the credit score of the customer. If you are applying for a personal loan for the first time then you can also face a low CIBIL score without engaging in any activity. But if you have applied for a personal loan and do not pay the EMI timely then the company will file a complaint against you and your CIBIL score will decrease continuously.

However, if you pay the EMI timely and apply for a personal loan for next time then the company will also increase your CIBIL score by checking your banking activities. However, it will take a very long time to manage and increase the CIBIL score. So if you want an instant personal loan then you should switch over to a secured loan from unsecured loans such as personal loans.

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High-interest rates on Low CIBIL score 

A personal loan is an instantly needed amount for anyone in a financial crisis, But small financial companies can charge up to a maximum of 38% interest rates on bad civil score personal loans. So if your credit score is extremely bad then you should double-check the interest rates otherwise you have to pay more than the loan amount in the interest. 

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Kam Cibil Score Pe Loan 2024

All personal loans are listed under the unsecured loan category in banks and financial companies. An unsecured loan is a type of loan where the Lander does not have the security of the customer or surety from the customer that he will repay the loan amount timely. So they check the cibil score which shows historical details of the customer related to the loan and EMI and after that, they evaluate the condition of the customer.

So if your CIBIL score is very low then you may face multiple reactions to personal loan application. So instead of applying for a personal loan, you can apply under a secured loan scheme. Which is provided by all the banks and financial companies easily, where cibil score is not checked and is not valuable. A secured loan is a type of loan where you have to mortgage any property such as jewelry, car, bike, land property, and any other type of property so the company will allow you the loan amount due to the surety of your mortgage property. So in this case civil score is not evaluated or checked by the bank. You can visit your nearest branch where you have a Bank account and apply online mode by visiting the official website of the bank to apply for a secured personal loan 2024 (Kam Cibil Score Pe Loan). Once you repay all the EMI you can claim to receive your mortgage property accordingly. 

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