New COVID Variant In Kerala: Corona is knocking in India once again! Restrictions JN.1 sub-variant

New COVID Variant In Kerala: The Kerala state is continuously reporting new variants of COVID-19- JN.1 Variant. Covid 19 variants are spreading across the world in multiple forms, Scientists have identified a new variant of covid-19 named JN.1 Covid variant. The Government of Kerala has been conducting COVID tests in the state for many days and has identified the number of JN.1 positive is increasing day by day. 

The New COVID Variant In Kerala is becoming an issue as it has created a new variant JN.1. It is the Sab Variant of omicron of COVID 19. It was first founded in the USA and after that, Singapore has also had important new cases of the JN.1 variant. The Indian citizen has also tested positive for JN.1 Virus in Singapore in September which belongs to South Indian states.

New COVID Variant In Kerala

The government of India has conducted a total of 18000 Plus covid JN.1 tests in only 24 hours and the number of positive patients is increasing. More than 312 citizens of India are JN.1 positive which have participated in the JN.1 test. However, 280 patients out of a total of 312 belong to Kerala state. If we compare the reports of COVID-19 positive in Kerala state when there were 470 positive patients in November in Kerala only, at the start of December 2023 government has identified approximately 900 cases of covid 19. It is a very serious case and it should be taken seriously by the government to ensure the safety of the citizens.

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Increasing cases of Covid 19 in Kerala state 

INSACOG confirmed JN.1’s presence in Kerala. The WHO has classified it as a “notable descendent lineage,” indicating its potential for wider spread and potential to bypass immunity gained through vaccinations or previous infections. The state has witnessed a recent surge in COVID-19 cases, although a direct link to JN.1 alone remains unclear. Experts advise continued vigilance and adherence to safety protocols. The first case of covid 19 new variant was found in an Indian citizen in Singapore who belongs to the Tamilnadu State of India.

After that government is taking serious steps to start COVID-19 test at different places and the number of positive patients are continuously increasing. The first case of the JN.1 variant was founded in Luxembourg in August of 2023. After that, It has spread to multiple locations across the world including India. It is the sub variant of Corona omicron BA.2.86 and the symptoms of this variant are similar according to the omicron virus. 

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Experts on new Corona variant in India

The state medical Superintendent has told to the Times of India that The new COVID variant is found in patients who have already been admitted to hospitals and hitting on respiratory Symptoms. The symptoms have continuously increased for 2 months in the state and they said that it is due to environmental and atmospheric changes in the city and pollution. The Government of Tamilnadu has also started to conduct covid 19 tests in the state at various spots. The government has identified a total of 264 patients in Tamilnadu State who were suffering from a fever and only 8 patients tested positive.