NPCI UPI Alert! 31 दिसंबर के बाद बंद हो जाएंगे Phone Pay, Patym, Gpay | देखें कैसे होगा फिर पैसा ट्रांसफर

NPCI UPI Alert: While UPI is spreading worldwide providing facilities for online transactions quickly, your UPI ID can be deactivated if you do not follow the latest guidelines of National payment Corporation of India- NPCI. Npci has ordered to all the banks and financial companies which are providing UPI generating facilities to their customers to deactivate their customers in UPI IDs if they do not follow the latest of NCPI. So if you are also using UPI or applied for UPI in anytime before, then you should also check the guidelines of Government of India for UPI users. 

NPCI new guidelines For UPI


National payments Corporation of India is Managing UPI in India. Authority has recently upgraded new guidelines for UPI to overcome the chances of wrong payments throw online mode. According to the latest notification of NCPI all the banks financial companies and third party mobile applications which are providing UPI generation facilities have to detect UPIs which are not used from past year. All these UPI IDs will be deactivated after 31 December 2023.

So companies will filter UPIs which is affiliated with their company is not activate from at least 1 year and after that deactivate all these IDs

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NCPI Instructions for Banks 

Bank are instructed from the NCPI to Identify UPI IDs of their customers which are not used for any purpose including the payment or sending the payment through upi. It’s mean all the UPI which are not engaged with any credit over deposit activity from one year will be listed under this scheme and will be deactivated if customers do not use these specific UPI IDs before 31 December 2023. So if you have your UPI ID but you don’t do not received all send any payment by using UPI, then you can secure your UPI from getting deactivated by sending or receiving any amount using your UPI. 


There is no limit for customers to generate new UPI IDs in bank and third party mobile applications including phonepe, Paytm, Google pay etc. Every time you create UPI, you can link it with your bank account. One bank account can be linked with multiple UPI IDs. So most of the people are generating new UPI IDs for transaction. It is not bad, but if you apply for UPI ID and after some days you create a new UPI ID and do not use your old UPI, then it will create a burden for companies and government to watch on manage your transaction through online mode.

It may also be difficult for person who want to create UPI, but cannot apply due to existing UPI IDs for the particular name. UPI ID is also linked with mobile number of the applicant. So anyone who changed with their mobile number but forget to update the UPI can also face wrong transaction problems. If any person purchase the mobile number which was used by you in previous months, so your OTP for old UPI will be sent to the mobile number which is linked with UPI. So it may also increase fraud and other transaction related issues in future.

Manage UPI ID 

If you have more than 1 UPI IDs and do not want to lose any UPI ID, Then you should use these UPIs for transaction purpose before 31 December 2023. You can make any small transaction, so companies will remain active your ID and will not deactivate after 31 December 2023. If you have any old UPI ID which is linked with your previous mobile number which is not near with you on this time, Then you can deactivate UPI manually, or you can also change the mobile number of your UPI to prevent them and Secure it. 

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