School Closed News Winter Vacation 2023: सरकार ने की स्कूलों में शीतकालीन अवकाश की घोषणा, आधिकारिक नोटिस जारी

Delhi School Closed News Winter Vacation 2023: The director of education of the Government of Delhi announced a notification on Wednesday 8 November 2023 and declared early winter vacations for schools in Delhi State. All the schools in Delhi State will remain closed between 9 November 2023 to 18 November 2023 under early winter vacations of 2023-24. The government has taken this School Closed News Winter Vacation 2023 decision due to severe + Air quality in Delhi. So if you are also a student who is studying in any school in Delhi state or working at the staff of school in Delhi State then you should read the official notification of the Government of Delhi School Closed News Winter Vacation 2023.

School Closed News Winter Vacation 2023 [Nov 9-18]

The air pollution in Delhi is increasing day to day in the month of November due to the burning of Parali in Haryana and Punjab state. The air quality index is reporting up to 450 AQI in various locations in Delhi which is very dangerous as more than 300 AQI is labeled as dangerous air quality. The government has also received GRPA 4 where the air quality of Delhi is labelled as Severe +. So government has announced early winter vacations on 8 November and it will be implemented from 9 November to 18 November 2023. The government has made this decision due to the serious health conditions of Delhiites. 

Schools will close completely

However, the government has already ordered all the primary schools in Delhi to close for students from 3 November to 10 November 2023. However, the school was still open to teachers and all other staff of the school. Teachers are taking online classes for primary students from class 1 to class 5 and other students are still coming to the school physically. But now, the government has ordered schools to close completely for all the students and staff till 18 Nov. Now teachers students and staff members of the schools can stay at home and prevent themselves from suffering the dangerous air pollution in Delhi. 

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Remaining portion of winter break in Delhi

Winter breaks for schools are started in Delhi from 25 December to 15 January each year.  The duration of winter break can vary according to the situation of the weather and other conditions. However, due to the very dangerous stage of air pollution in Delhi, the government had to announce winter vacations early. All the heads of schools are ordered by the education department of Delhi to forward this information to all the staff members students and parents so they can prevent themselves from dangerous air pollution in Delhi.

However it is also informed in the official notification of the Department of Education, it will be informed by the department about the remaining portion of the winter vacation. If conditions come under control then the School can reopen again till the actual winter vacation. However, the government can also reduce the holidays in winter vacations due to this emergency early winter break. However, government will inform the remaining winter vacations through the School Closed official notification after a few days.

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Dangerous Air Pollution in Delhi 

World Health Organisation has also warned that the air quality in Delhi is 30 times poor from the healthy air environment. Delhi and Delhi NCR are suffering a huge smoke of parali or paddy straw burning from Haryana and Punjab state. However chief ministers are blaming each other for this critical condition of air quality in Delhi, but citizens are bearing serious health conditions related to breathing from air pollution. Most of the areas in Delhi and Delhi NCR including Noida, Faridabad, and Gurgaon have reported more than 430 AQI which is very critical and dangerous air quality.

Experts are concerned about staying at home to prevent Dangerous diseases from this air quality. The government is also continuously taking strong steps to overcome this condition. Yesterday the government also announced that citizens have to follow the odd-even rule while driving personal vehicles from 12 November to 18 November 2023 after Diwali to reduce air pollution from the vehicles. 


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