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The Need For Insurance

Completing higher studies abroad acts as a crucial step in building an individual’s career. When a student travels abroad for higher education, it is quite a long duration. Staying away from family and home is one thing. And then the stress of studies, assignments, and exams is another. Being in a foreign location, students can be susceptible to risks and emergencies such as loss of baggage, accidents, and theft.

In such times, having international student travel insurance always works in favour of teenagers and students who have their passports with them all the time. One wouldn’t want to misplace their crucial documents as it difficult to arrange for new ones as well it is financially taxing.

Moreover, medical treatment can burn a hole in the pocket if it crosses the education budget set.

Why live with so much worries when both the student and their families can get complete peace-of-mind?

That’s why student travel insurance becomes a must!


Bharti AXA Student Travel Insurance Benefits


Many students travel away from the comfort of their normal life to pursue education in a foreign land. Our Bharti AXA travel insurance plan provides assistance and financial support to students in case of any emergency or unfortunate event. Check out the multiple benefits.

  1. Instant policy

Planning an international trip for pursuing studies? Buy travel insurance policy online. It just takes a few minutes to get the right protection during travel.

  1. Covers students across wide age group

The insurance plan provides coverage for students from 16 to 40 years. They could be pursuing graduation, post-graduation, or any other professional course in a foreign country.

  1. Flexible Policy Duration

The travel policy is available from 30 days to 2 years. It can be extended beyond up to 4 years depending on the need. So, the student can happily choose a course of any duration.

  1. Covers numerous travel related emergencies

Get protection against unfortunate events, medical emergencies, loss of sponsorship, loss of passport, theft and many other such contingencies.

  1. 24x7 worldwide AXA assistance

AXA Worldwide, a global leader in insurance takes care of you 24/7 when you are traveling. This just ensures a happy trip.

  1. User-friendly interface

Relax. We’ve made the travel insurance purchase and claim process online effortless.

Inclusions Exclusions

Medical and Dental Expenses:

These include medical expenses, repatriation, emergency medical evaluation. Even dental care expenses such as acute anaesthetic treatment of teeth is covered.

Personal Accident:

Compensation for bodily injuries, permanent or partial disablement, death caused in an accident.

Compassionate Visit:

if you’re hospitalized for more than a certain number of days then the reimbursement and stay expenses family member are covered.

Study Interruption:

Tuition fees are reimbursed in case of discontinuation due to hospitalization, injury, etc.

Legal Expenses/Personal liability:

All legal costs and expenses are covered in case of claims towards third-party liabilities that arise out of death or bodily injuries. Bail amount is given if arrested or detained by police.

Daily Cash Allowance:

Payment of daily allowance for the number of days that the insured person is hospitalized beyond the specific number of days mentioned in the policy document

Loss of essentials:

Loss/theft of passport, documents, delay or loss of checked-in baggage is compensated

Trip cancellation/delay:

Be it because of problems due to airline, natural disasters, medical, or any other reason, compensation is given for trip cancellation, delay or interruption.

Emergency Accommodation:

Due to some natural disaster, if you aren’t able to stay in the original accommodation, you will be compensated for additional cost of emergency accommodation.

Cosmetic surgery:

If it’s being done just to enhance your beauty then don’t expect any coverage. Unless it’s essential as part of treatments for accidents when abroad.

Self-inflicted injury/harm:

Suicide, alcoholism, depression, or any direct/indirect loss due to death, illness, etc. won’t be covered.

Participation in warfare:

Being involved in the naval, military, or air force operations won’t get you any coverage.

Performing professional and risky sports:

Participating in risky winter sports, like mountaineering isn’t covered unless specifically agreed and mentioned in the policy document.

Non-Allopathic treatment:

Yogic, homeopathic, unani, and ayurvedic treatments are strictly excluded.

Medical expenses due to unproven treatment:

You won’t receive any coverage for expenses with respect to unproven or experimental treatment.

Illegal Activity:

Don’t expect coverage if involved in a hazardous occupation or engaging in criminal activities while on the trip abroad.

Limitations in medical expenditure:

Daily allowance isn’t paid in case of hospitalization for certain pre-existing conditions.

Treatment that could be delayed until return:

No coverage is given, if the treating physician and the emergency service provider decide that the treatment could have been delayed until return to India.

Buy Travel Insurance by Destination

Travelling abroad for higher studies? Bharti AXA provides insurance for numerous destinations where your educational institute could be located. You simply need to pick the destination of your choice and get all their details. Learn everything about your destination and how Bharti AXA travel insurance is ideal for securing your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions on anything and everything related to travel insurance? We’ve handpicked questions with answers that will help you understand everything you wanted to know about travel insurance. You’ll also get better clarity of our products and services. Go through it to find the solution to your query. If you need more information, you can always contact us here. Our executives will be glad to assist you.

What is a deductible?

It is the deductible amount that has to be borne by the insured at the time of a claim. The deductible is applicable for medical expenses, dental treatment, loss of passport or documents, delayed checked baggage, hijack distress allowance, etc.

If I purchase online, can I cancel the policy?

You have a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy document to review the terms and conditions of the policy. If there are any objections to any of the terms and conditions, you can cancel the policy stating the reasons for cancellation. The premium paid will be refunded, after adjusting the amounts spent on stamp duty charges and proportionate risk premium.

Frequently Asked Questions


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