How to Make Aayushman Golden Card Online?

Aayushman Golden Card: The Government of India is providing financial assistance for Healthcare and medical facilities to the citizens of India. Aayushman Bharat scheme is one of the latest Central Government schemes in India which provides a maximum of Rs 5 lakh rupees medical assistance in case of any medical emergency. However Ayushman Bharat scheme has been completed and the government is not accepting applications further, but recently government has extended the latest version of this scheme named as Ayushman Bhav scheme 2024.

So if you still don’t have an Ayushman card and want to apply, then you can check this article where we are providing you with a step-by-step procedure to apply under the Ayushman Bhav scheme for Ayushman card to get medical facilities of up to 5 lakh rupees. 

Aayushman Bhav Scheme 2024

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of India has announced a new initiative of the Ayushman Bhav scheme in 2024. It is also a 3rd version of PM Ayushman’s scheme to provide medical facilities to the citizens. The scheme is compiling multiple activities to aware Paradise for the benefits of the Aayushman Golden Card and is providing doorstep facilities for applying for the PM Ayushman card scheme online mode. 

Aayushman Golden Card
How to Make Aayushman Golden Card Online?

Aayushman aapke Dwar 3.0 

Eligible beneficiaries can apply for an Ayushman card by various methods Ayushman aapke Dwar 3.0 is a new initiative Government of India which was launched on 17 September 2023. Applicants had to pay 30 rupees for applying online for the Ayushman card from the centres in previous years but now they can apply free of cost in the Ayushman card scheme under the Aayushman aapke Dwar 3.0 scheme. Now candidates can also download E Aayushman card and print it on PVC cards from any computer centre or printing house. 

Apply for an Aayushman Golden Card 2024?

At the new stage of the scheme, the government was accepting applications from only registered customer service centres and VLCs but now with the launching of Ayushman Bhav in 2024, the government has announced that now applicants can apply for an Aayushman Golden Card by using their mobile phone as they have to use the mobile camera for face authentication verification and provide the OTP for the very precaution of Aadhar card from their mobile phone. So if you have a smartphone with internet connectivity then you can apply manually.

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Eligible beneficiaries 

  • All the citizens of India in any state can apply for Ayushman bhav scheme 2024
  • Aayushman cards will be provided to the families only and the names of the family members will be printed on the card.
  • If you have not applied for an Ayushman card or have not gotten approval from the government yet for the Ayushman card then you can apply for the Ayushman Bhav scheme.

Benefits of Aayushman Golden Card

  • Eligible beneficiaries will get a maximum of 500000 medical healthcare facilities in case of any emergency
  • The medical record of the applicant will be uploaded on the Aayushman Golden Card so they can use the card to show their Medical history to the doctor or any other specialist for treatment.
  • The government will get data on the citizens for multiple aspects including how many citizens are recovering, which disease is affecting more etc. so they can prepare their policies accordingly.
  • Apart from the government hospitals, if you have an Ayushman card you can go to a private hospital that is linked with the Ayushman scheme so they will provide you with their all facilities free of cost.

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Apply online for an Aayushman card under the Aayushman Bhav scheme 

If you have a smartphone with having camera and internet facilities then you can apply manually from your mobile phone by following this step:

  •  first of all, visit the official website of the Pradhanmantri Aayushman scheme. This is the direct link to visit the official website 
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  • Now you have to click on the link to create ABHA.
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  • Now you will be redirected to a new page where you have to select any one option either an Aadhar card or a driving licence for applying. Most citizens have Aadhar cards so are continuing with Aadhar.
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Once you have applied form your application will be reviewed by the officer and you can download an Aayushman Golden Card within a few months after the online application from the same portal so you can avail of Ayushman card services easily.

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