What are Angel Investors & How It Works? | Make a Successful Business [Tips from Experts] | Shark Tank 2024

Angel Investors 2024: Money is necessary to start any new business. Many people already have this money, but some people may have financial problems. For such people, taking money from a bank or any other financial institution can be an option. One problem with this is that if there is any shortage in the business then there can be many problems in returning the money. The bank also gives you interest along with the principal amount. Apart from this, it is also possible that you may have to repay more than the loan taken by you.

One problem in taking a loan from the bank is that most of the banks give you money to expand the already established business instead of starting a new business. In such a situation, if a person from a middle-class or economically weak family needs money for business, then he has to turn to the unorganized sector. There are many difficulties in taking loans from here. Here you get the loan quickly but its interest rate is very high. There is no regulation on them, hence they adopt arbitrary methods for recovery.

Angel Investors Definition

After looking at both the options mentioned above, you will find that angel investors are the biggest help in starting or growing a business. We will learn more about who they are and why they are better. Angel investors provide funding to start or expand a business. They don’t expect interest from you. They don’t expect to get the money back from you. They ask you for a stake in the company. This share can be in any quantity. It completely depends on the agreement between the entrepreneur and the investor.

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What are the benefits of Angel Investors?

Vaibhav Kaushik, CEO and co-founder of startup Navgati says that taking funding from startups can be beneficial. According to Vaibhav, this gives you financial support as well as good guidance which is difficult to get from any bank or other financial institution.“Achieving funding from angel investors provides faster and dynamic returns compared to traditional banks and financial institutions,” says Amit Venkeshwar, Chief Business Officer, LoanTap. According to Venkeshwar, “Angel investors provide not only capital but also strategic guidance, industry insights, and faster decision-making processes.”

What kind of problem do you face while taking an investment from an angel investor?

According to Vaibhav Kaushik, entrepreneurs feel external pressure when they get funding from angel investors. According to their statement, taking funding from angel investors means that they have to show their commitment which includes informing the investors about every update regarding the status of the company. According to him, entrepreneurs should create a profitable company by keeping more equity so that they can have more control over the company.

An example of this is that investigators sometimes separate founders from the company, as was the case with Steve Jobs. Although it is not necessary for a trial to be a certain size to receive funding from angel investors, experts believe that early-stage funding can help speed up trials.

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Benefits of becoming an angel investors

You can become rich!

First of all, you can be very rich. The truth is very rich! The few investors I know have been very good to me. But some people have lost a lot of money. We call them “sophisticated investors.” When you lose money, you suddenly become a social person.

You will get the most useful logo!

Second, you will meet the most amazing people. Entrepreneurs, other investors, and industry leaders. There are amazing logs from which you can see a lot. You get the real inside scoop on what’s happening in the world and what’s new.

What do you think about technology?

Third, you read about technology. It seems that you are also living the same life. You’re with people who are advancing AI, medical devices, blockchain, and much more. The world is full of people.

You are helping the world!

Fourth, you are working for the power of the world. We see people who are suffering from global climate change, poverty, diseases of all kinds.

Yes, this work is difficult and necessary. It is also risky. But this is a world in which very few people have reached. If you think Shark Tank is good (not really – it’s all fake, like any so-called reality show), then angel investing is the best.

Shark Tank India 2024

In India, we can see a reality show named Shark Tank. The concept of this show is based on angel investor investment. You can watch this show to get more information about how angel investors and new business relationships work. In this show, you can see some of the famous angel investors of India, such as Anupam Mittal founder and CEO of shadi.com, Piyush Bansal founder of lenskart, Aman Gupta founder of BoAt, And many more.


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