APAAR Portal 2024: देश के सभी स्कूली स्टूडेंट्स का APAAR ID बनेगा, यहां से करें APAAR ID Registration and ABC Card PDF Download!

APAAR Portal 2024: The Union Education Ministry recently notified the States to initiate the process of implementing the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry, or ‘APAAR.’ In a letter to all states, the Ministry instructed them to obtain parental permission before initiating the APAAR enrollment procedure at all institutions under their respective jurisdiction.

To notify parents about APAAR ID, the Union Education Ministry has instructed schools to conduct special parent-teacher meetings from October 16-18.

The “One Nation One Student ID” initiative aims to digitally consolidate all academic information from pre-primary through higher education, including degrees, awards, scholarships, certificates, and training programs, into a centralized database.

APAAR ID One Nation One Student ID: An Overview

Scheme NameAPAAR ID : One Nation One Student ID
AuthorityMinistry of Education and Government of India (ABC Bank)
BeneficiariesStudents in India
Purpose of the SchemeMobility of Students, Academic Freedom, One Student ID, and Convenient Transfers
APAAR Full FormAutomated Permanent Academic Account Registry 
APAAR Card RegistrationUsing Digi Locker or ABC Portal
Details Required for registrationAadhar Card Number, Mobile Number, Institution Name
APAAR Card Download PDFBy Mobile Number or ABC Portal
Official Websitehttps://www.abc.gov.in/
Article CategoryScheme
APAAR Portal 2024
APAAR Portal 2024

What Is APAAR ID (One Nation One Student ID)?

APAAR ID is an education ecosystem registry that aims to digitally centralize academic data such as degrees, rewards, scholarships, and credits for each student in pre-primary through higher education institutions. A program of the Union Ministry of Education that will provide pupils with a unique identification number.

This identification card will function as an edu-locker, making it simpler for students to manage their academic records. They can readily transfer credits between institutions and universities and store extracurricular and athletic accomplishments for future use.

The government has solicited parental consent for registering an APAAR ID and reassured them that their information would remain confidential. Inadequate time may be left for academics if instructors are required to update UDISE Plus and create APAAR IDs in addition to their existing administrative duties.

Educators have expressed concerns about the time constraints resulting from these additional administrative tasks. As part of its initiative to raise awareness and obtain parental consent for this program between October 16 and 18, the Ministry has instructed states to organize meetings between instructors and parents between these dates.

What is the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) handling AAPAR?

Academic Bank of Credits: ABC is a virtual repository for students’ academic accomplishments, allowing them to attend and quit universities at will and resume their studies where they left off. In addition, ABC will facilitate multi-disciplinary approaches to education while promoting entrepreneurial spirit among its members, thereby increasing employability and simultaneously boosting India’s gross enrollment ratio in higher education.

As its backbone, institutions will utilize a National Academic Depository (NAD) to upload academic awards of their students into academic accounts. In addition to opening, validating, closing, storing, and archiving student academic records, the NAD will verify accumulated credits and transfer or redeem them as appropriate.

Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) document and upload a student’s academic achievements to their academic account to redeem earned credits and pursue credentials such as certificates, diplomas, and degrees.

Students can redeem academic credits held in the ABC for seven years. This is a radical departure from current higher education systems, which require three complete years to earn a Bachelor’s degree; students can leave after one year and return whenever it is most convenient.

APAAR ID Benefits

APAAR ID stands for Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry and functions as a permanent academic identifier that chronicles students’ educational journeys and accomplishments while making school transfers easy. In addition, its digital platform centralizes student information and rewards such as scholarships, degrees, and credit points for scholarships.

Here are a few of its advantages:

  • This unique identification system, the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry ID card, will allow students to track their academic journey and accomplishments.
  • It will digitally centralize academic data such as scholarships, degrees, and credit rewards and keep a watch out for leavers so they can be reintegrated into the education system if necessary.
  • This program will give students a permanent identification number to monitor their academic and extracurricular achievements across institutions and colleges.
  • The APAAR ID provides students with a permanent academic identity, facilitating school transfers.
  • Their APAAR ID will be directly linked to the DigiLocker service at the center, using Aadhaar data; the government has guaranteed that the data will remain confidential and only be shared between agencies when necessary.
  • After receiving parental permission, schools and colleges will register students for an APAAR ID, which parents may withdraw at any time.

One Nation, One Student ID Card Registration

  • Digital Student ID: Get available with the APAAR Card, a digital identification card for students across India, whether in private or government educational institutions.
  • Primary Objectives: Understand the core objectives of the APAAR Card program, including the consolidation of academic data and credits into a single repository.
  • Unique Identifier: Recognize that each student is assigned a unique 12-digit APAAR number through this card.

Documents required for APAAR Registration

Here is the list of documents required for APAAR registration:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Mobile Number
  • School, College, or University details

Guide for APAAR ID Registration Online at abc.gov.in

Follow the detailed instructions on the abc.gov.in website to register for an APAAR ID online.

  • Understand the significance of your mobile number and Aadhar card numbers in the registration procedure.
  • Learn how to select your college, university, class, or program.
  • Understand how to submit the form and generate your APAAR ID Card for accumulating academic credits online.

APAAR ID Registration (easy steps to follow)

The Ministry of Education has instructed schools to begin enrolling students for APAAR IDs, with parental consent required and an application format provided to parents. The Ministry will issue an ID corresponding to the Aadhaar number after registration.

Visit the official APAAR ID website, where you must enter your mobile number and Aadhaar card number before selecting your school, class/course and submitting the form – once submitted, you can obtain your APAAR ID card to collect academic credits online.

Each school will distribute a formatted form that parents must complete and return directly. Creating your APAAR ID is simple, accessible from any web browser, and only requires your mobile and Aadhaar Card numbers to get started. Select your school/university/class/course, submit your information, and obtain your ID certificate.

How to register for APAAR?

  • Visit abc.gov.in and select My Account.
  • Select the “Student” option.
  • Using your credentials, log in to your Digi Locker account.
  • DigiLocker will now request your permission to share your Aadhaar Card information with ABC for KYC verification; choose “I agree”.
  • The portal will request your academic information, including school/university, course, etc. Complete the specifics.
  • Save the information, then depart the portal.

How to download APAAR ID?

The APAAR ID is a 12-digit number intended to serve as a digital student ID when pupils enroll in private or public institutions and colleges in India. It will function as a means for them to monitor their educational progress readily.

All pupils unfamiliar with the online procedure for obtaining an APAAR Card can learn the specifics of the procedure outlined below.

  • First visit the Academic Bank of Credits’ official website, https://www.abc.gov.in/.
  • Now, you will arrive at the website’s homepage.
  • Please select the My Account link at the upper right of the homepage.
  • On-screen, a drop-down menu will show up. When you select the Student option, a new page will load.
  • You will now have three options for sign-in: Mobile, Username, and Others.
  • Choose any available positions and then provide the corresponding information.
  • After providing the required information, select the Sign In option.
  • A few seconds later, the interface will appear on the screen. You must locate the APAAR Card download option and select it.
  • Additionally, submit the details if the officials request them.
  • The APAAR Card will then appear on the screen.
  • Examine the information and then select the download or print option.

APAAR: Problems and issues

However, some individuals have expressed concerns about the APAAR ID registration process. Concerns include the possibility of data security breaches and increased administrative burdens for institutions. The issue of already awaiting Aadhaar verification of pupils, which is optional, has been raised by school officials. Incorporating the APAAR registry might raise the instructional faculty’s administrative burden.

It should be noted, however, that consent can be withdrawn at any time by parents who are hesitant to provide it due to ongoing Aadhaar-related data breach concerns.

  • Data Security: Some individuals worry about data security, particularly in light of worries about Aadhaar data breaches. Ensuring the security of student data is of paramount significance.
  • Administrative Burden: School authorities have raised concerns about the additional administrative burden brought about by the APAAR registration process, especially if it matches pending UID verification for students. Streamlining administrative procedures is essential to relieve these concerns.

FAQ’s: APAAR ID One Nation One Student ID

What advantage does the APAAR ID offer?

The APAAR ID enables Student Mobilities and provides Credit Rewards through the APAAR ID Card.

What information is necessary for APAAR ID Registration?

Applicants can use either their Digi locker Account or Mobile Number to complete the APAAR ID Registration process.

How to get a PDF copy of the APAAR ID Card?

To download one’s APAAR ID Card in PDF form, simply visit the official website at abc.gov.in.

What is the official website for APAAR ID registration online?