Buy Land on Moon [Lunar Plot Registration 2024]: How to buy land on MOON and what is the price?

Buy Land on Moon [Lunar Plot Registration 2024]: Many research has been conducted over several years to ascertain the potential for sustaining life on the Moon. Although the exact timeframe for establishing human settlements on the lunar surface remains uncertain, preparations have already commenced. It may surprise you to learn that certain companies on Earth claim to possess the ability to sell land on the Moon.

Additionally, there have been reports of numerous affluent individuals, including industrialists and film stars, purchasing lunar properties. Furthermore, there have been instances of plot registry on the Moon. Unlike seas and islands, space is not governed by any specific country, which raises the question of who is selling land on the Moon and how they can Buy Land on the Moon [Lunar Plot Registration 2024].

Buy Land on Moon [Lunar Plot Registration 2024]

The process of acquiring lunar land has been underway for several years, not just recently. Back in 2002, Rajeev Bagri from Hyderabad and Lalit Mohta from Bengaluru purchased plots on the moon through designated agencies. Additionally, reports suggested that the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput also owned a small portion of lunar land.

Buy Land on Moon
Buy Land on Moon [Lunar Plot Registration 2024]

According to a report by HT, Rupesh Mason, a businessman from Jammu and Kashmir, recently joined the ranks of lunar landowners after the success of Chandrayaan-3. Mason acquired his lunar property from ‘The Lunar Registry’ based in New York, and the official certification was granted on August 25. Those who invest in lunar plots firmly believe that the moon will eventually become a settlement for human life, whether it happens today or in the future.

He explained that buying a plot on the moon can symbolize hope for the future and provide a cost-effective way for individuals to mentally escape from the challenges of climate change. He also mentioned that owning lunar land can bring a sense of satisfaction to those who are prepared for various future scenarios. Additionally, he highlighted that there are approximately 675 celebrities and three former US presidents who own extraterrestrial land on the moon and other planets.

Procedures to Buy Land on Moon [Lunar Plot Registration 2024]

This news is quite intriguing – Indians now have the opportunity to purchase land on the moon through India. However, this statement has sparked controversy. How it is possible to buy a place that is barely visible and inaccessible without any effort? Numerous questions arise upon hearing this, like how to go about buying moon land from India and what are the terms and conditions involved. Moreover, can an ordinary individual visit the moon during their lifetime after acquiring lunar property?

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Is selling plots on the moon legal?

The Moon is not owned by any single country, as stated in the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, which has been signed by approximately 110 countries. The entire human race has the privilege of exploring the universe beyond Earth, and therefore, no individual or entity can claim ownership of land on any celestial body. Nevertheless, certain agencies have been selling plots of land on the Moon for a considerable period.

As per the lunar registry, you have the opportunity to buy a portion of the moon in various landing sites like ‘The Bay of Rainbows’, ‘Sea of Rains’, ‘Lake of Dreams’, ‘Sea of Serenity’, ’sea of tranquility’, ‘The Lunar Aps’, and numerous others.

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How to buy land in Moon?

To learn how to purchase land on the moon from India, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Bay of Rainbow website:

2. Provide the full legal name of the property owner for the document.

3. Explore the size and price of the moon land you wish to reserve.

4. The pricing for purchasing plots on the moon is as follows:

  • 1 acre in the Bay of Rainbows @ US$40.60 per acre.
  • 1 acre in the LAKE OF DREAMS @ US$40.99 per acre.
  • 1 acre in the Sea of Tranquility @ US$50.21 per acre.
  • 1 acre in the LAKE OF HAPPINESS @ US$43.28 per acre.

5. If you want to gift the moon property, include a gift note within 10-12 words.

6. Choose a date for the land purchase.

7. Complete the order.

Before deciding to invest in moon property, I recommend considering the practicality of such an investment. It may seem absurd to invest in land that is inaccessible and lacks a breathable atmosphere. Now you should have a better understanding of how to buy land on the moon from India.

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