GIS Allowance 2024 For Age 60 to 64: Check Eligibility, Amount & Payment Dates

GIS Allowance 2024: Taxpayers in Canada have a good opportunity to receive a guaranteed income supplement allowance which is also famous as GIS in Canada. The Canada Revenue Agency is providing monthly payments for individuals under GIS allowance 2024 where you will earn up to a a maximum of $1,065.47 per month. Most of the interesting feature of the scheme is the authority will not charge and it as from so you can use 100% of the amount for your expenditures. So if you are living in Canada and paying regular taxes to the government then you can use the benefit of GIS allowances and can read this article where we will share with you the latest updates and information on GIS allowance 2024 eligibility criteria, payment amount dates, etc. 

Canada Revenue Agencies already provide multiple schemes to the citizens in the state and guaranteed income supplement is also one of them. The GIS Allowance 2024 scheme is mainly designed for senior citizens in the country whose age is more than 60. The scheme is further divided into two sections including GIS and GIS Allowance 2024 where any citizen whose age is more than 65 is eligible for GIS and citizens whose age is between 60 and 64 years are eligible to receive monthly GIS Allowance 2024 accordingly. The income under the GIS scheme is totally tax free which is prepared for citizens who are living in a country and participating in old age security schemes in Canada. The amount of the beneficiary will vary according to the different factors including the family structure of the applicant either living as an individual or with a spouse with children and the monthly income cap of the applicant.

Eligibility Criteria for GIS Allowance 2024 

  • If your age is more than 65 years then you are eligible to apply under the guaranteed income supplement 2024 in Canada. However, if you want to apply for allowances for your spouse then the age of spouse Should be between 60 years to 64 years.
  • The applicant should live in the Canada for at least 10 years after the age of 18 to be eligible for the scheme.
  • If you are a single applicant then your income should not be more than $21,624. However if you are living with your spouse then the income should not be more than $28,560 ( In case the spouse is receiving full OAS benefits)
  • If your partner is not receiving the old age security benefits then your combine income should not be more than $51,840
  • If your common law partner is receiving allowances under the scheme then your combined income should not be more than $39,984.

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GIS Allowance 2024 For Age 60 to 64

Payment under the guaranteed income supplement is based on the Situation of the applicant. Amount is also changed by the CRA time to time for the beneficiaries. Currently Canada revenue agency is providing The benefit of the scheme for April to June month 2024 and you can check details of the scheme under the following table:

Marital StatusMaximum Annual Income (Combined for Couples)Maximum Monthly Payment
Single, divorced or widowed$21,624up to $1,065.47
Married (partner receives full OAS pension)$28,560up to $641.35
Married (partner receives Allowance)$39,984up to $641.35
Married (partner does not receive OAS or Allowance)$51,840up to $1,065.47

What you will provide amount to the applicant through check or direct in the account monthly basis. So you can check the status of your application on the official website of Canada revenue agency by login.

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Apply for GIS allowance in Canada 

We have listed the eligibility criteria above the article and provided all the information in sequence so if you full fill all the terms and conditions and want to get extra benefits under the GIS scheme of Canada then you can follow the following procedure to apply online:

  • First of all visit to the official website of Canada revenue agency and login under My Service Canada Account (MSCA).
  • Now you will see multiple service options on the screen where you have to select the GIS application form and fill your all the details accordingly

Once you have provided all the information you can download it and wait for the approval of your application. If you are not familiar with online procedure then also apply for offline Where you have download the application form and fill the details manually and after that mail it to the Canada revenue agency office. 


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