Loan Against LIC Policy 2024: बिलकुल फ्री में पाओ लोन, सबसे सस्ता सबसे अच्छा, LIC बात भरोसे की

Loan Against LIC Policy: Applying for a personal loan is a too easy procedure but getting the loan approval is quite difficult as you have to follow many terms and conditions of the bank including higher interest rates, pre-decided EMI to repay the loan amount, Good cibil score, etc. However, there a special facilities for loans for those customers who have LIC policies. LIC provides loan facilities to their existing customers or investors where you can get low-interest rates loan amounts with flexible EMI tenure. So if you have an existing LIC policy then you can check this article and apply for a personal loan according to your needs.

Many citizens invest in life insurance policies for a better future and backup for their families. There are additional facilities for policyholders provided by LIC company including personal loan facilities which can be used for any emergency. There are no additional terms and conditions and limitations for the Government and you can get the loan according to your investment in the policy. It is very easy to apply and get approval for an LIC personal loan over your bad CIBIL score.

Loan Against LIC Policy

Features of Loan Against LIC Policy

  • Applicant can apply for loans in their LIC scheme over a bad cibil score as cibil scores will not be considered and checked by the company while providing an LIC loan. 
  • The loan amount for the LIC scheme is decided according to the investment in the policy and you can get up to a maximum of 90% amount for a loan from your investment. 
  • The repayment facilities are very easy and according to the customer as you can select the EMI according to your monthly income and other conditions. 
  • Applicants are not asked for any security amount while applying for an LIC loan as the company will automatically consider your existing policy as a security amount in the bank and it will provide you dual benefits you can get a personal loan and can also get the benefit of the LIC scheme after completing the maturity.
  • Applicants are not forced to submit the loan amount or repay the LIC loan to the bank if you do not submit the loan amount then the bank will automatically manage accounts with your existing investment in a policy and at the time of completing the maturity you will get amount after deduction of all the charges of the loan amount.

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LIC Personal Loan Eligibility 2024

There are no specific eligibility criteria for applicants while applying for the LIC loan scheme but their age should be more than 18 years old while applying for a loan. However, only those customers can apply who own any LIC plan. It is also important to complete at least 3 years after investment in the LIC so you will get approval for your loan amount easily. Apart from this if you need not Follow any other eligibility criteria as you have already invested in the company for your insurance they will provide you their benefits also.

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Apply for Loan Against LIC Policy 2024

If you are interested in applying for an LIC loan then you will get both facilities of applying has online or offline mode. However, if you are choosing the offline mode then you should visit your branch where you own the LIC policy after that the policy provider will give you an application form and after that, you will get the loan amount once you apply. But if you are going to apply for an LIC loan online mode then you have to follow this procedure:

  • Visit the official website of the LIC provider. 
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  • Now you will reach the dashboard of the website where you have to click on the login link and enter your customer ID and password to reach the dashboard
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  • Once you access your dashboard on the LIC provider company you can select the link of the LIC loan and after that provide personal details
  • If you are eligible for the LIC loan then you can access the portal automatically otherwise company will not show you the loan section
  • Once you submit the application form you have to wait for a time and after that, you will get approval