Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment 2024: Amount, Eligibility, Payment Dates

Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment 2024: The government of Ontario is providing Ontario grocery rebate 2024 to the beneficiaries in the province of Ontario in Canada. So if you have successfully submitted your tax for the financial year of 2024, Then you can check your Ontario grocery rebate payment status 2024 on the official website where you will receive the annual payment to overcome your financial burden due to inflation in the country. We have listed all the important information related to Ontario grocery rebate payment 2024 in this article including the eligibility criteria, payment dates 2024, amount of Ontario grocery rebate, etc.

The grocery rebate scheme was introduced in Canada and Ontario in the year 2023. It was launched to provide one-time payment for Citizens in the state. The rate of inflation in Canada increased in 2923 and citizens were facing difficulty managing the funds for living in the country. So Ontario province is helping their citizens by providing grocery rebates with the help of the Canadian Revenue Agency which is a tax collecting and other tax-related agency in the country.

Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment 2024

The amount of Ontario grocery rebate is provided annually in the bank account of the beneficiaries. Since the amount of Ontario grocery rebate 2023 was earlier provided in July 2023 last year so citizens who are eligible to receive the Ontario grocery rebate amount this year are also waiting to receive the money.

However, the authority has not been notified about continuing the scheme as it was introduced only one time due to increasing inflation in the country. But the inflation is continuously increasing in this year also, so If it increase in this year then the authority can also renew the Ontario grocery rebate 2024 accordingly.

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Amount of Canada Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment 2024

The payment of Ontario Grocery Rebate 2024 is provided by the Canada Revenue Agency according to the category and situation of the candidate. The authority is inviting low income group and Middle income group person to receive the annual payment of grocery rebate in Ontario in Canada. However the minimum grocery rebate in Ontario is $234 annually and it will not be more than $628.

If you are an individual then you will able to receive a minimum $234 Ontario grocery rebate, Married couples who do not have any children will Receive 306 USD, If you have single child then you will receive $387 annually, The family with two childrens will receive 467, 528 for 3 children and 638 USD Will be provided to the couple who have 4 children. however the authority is also providing 255 USD to the beneficiaries who are retired. 

Ontario Grocery Rebate Payment 2024 Eligibility

If you also want to get the benefit of Ontario grocery rebate 2024 then you have to follow the following eligibility criteria:

  • Only citizens in Canada who are living in province of Ontario are eligible.
  • The age of the applicants should be more than 19 years old
  • If you are an individual then your income should not be more than $45000 and if you are a couple then the income should not be more than $65000. 
  • You should have submitted your tax for the Financial year of 2024 to the authority.
  • Apart from this all the beneficiaries who are receiving GST and HST credit from the CRA will also eligible to get Ontario grocery rebate 2024.

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Ontario grocery rebate payment date 

The grocery rebate is one time payment facility for Canadian citizens which is provided by CRA. The authority have not notified officially about the payment dates of Ontario grocery rebate 2024 till yet on the website and other sources, but if we compare it with the last year then beneficiaries can receive the amount in the month of July of 2024. However you can check your monthly GST and HST credits also as the amount will be double of GST and HST credits to the beneficiaries. 


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