SIP Investment 2024: 1000 रुपए से 2 करोड़ का फंड कैसे तैयार होगा? जानेंगे आज हम यहां से

SIP Investment 2024: Investment for the future is a good practice for individuals, especially for those who are getting a salary and do not have any source of income for their old age after retirement. There are many schemes where you can invest for your future every month and get a good return which will help you to live your retirement peacefully. But what if we share with you an SIP Investment 2024 plan where you have to invest 2000 to 5000 and can get up to 1.76 crore rupees after retirement? It is enough amount for a middle-class person to live and take care of their health in old age. So you can read this article “SIP Investment 2024” where you will get the information of such an investment plan.

Investment is a big term for anyone and some people hesitate to invest if they are earning less salary or less than 25000 per month. But in the scheme, if you are earning up to 25000 per month then you can get crores of rupees after completing your investment plan. There are many types of investment plans Including one-time investment, quarterly investment monthly investment, etc. But as a large number of citizens are getting up to 25000 salary per month we will share with you a SIP Investment 2024 plan where you get to invest monthly from your savings which will increase your investment amount.

Invest monthly in SIP Investment 2024

Mutual Funds are fast-growing investment schemes where most of the investors are participating, But those, who cannot invest the whole amount at one time have an opportunity to invest in an SIP ( Systematic investment plan) This is a Mutual Fund scheme that invites individuals to invest monthly. Most of the companies that are involved in SIP schemes are providing up to 12% interest rates on the investment. It is a good interest rate for investment schemes. So you can select any SIP investment plan either short term or long term. As long you invest, the return will automatically increase. 

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Save only 5000 per month

If you are getting 25000 per month then you should save at least 5000 rupees per month from your salary. However, if you save 5000 rupees monthly then after retirement you can spend the whole money that you have saved, But if you want to make money from money then you should start investing.

According to the calculation, if you start an Investment in SIP plan with a monthly contribution of 5000 rupees for the next 30 years then 1800000 will be invested in this duration. And by following 12% interest rates you will receive 1.58 crore rupees in this 30-year duration. So approximately you can make up to 1.76 crore rupees in 30 years by investing only 5000 per month. 

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SIP benefits after 30 years 

If you have an interest in investing for your future and want to increase your savings habit then you can upgrade the SIP plan by spending 10% extra per year. For example, if you start an investment of 5000 rupees per month this year and increase your participation by 10% per year then after completing the 20 years you will receive approximately 99.44 lakh rupees which will include the investment amount and the return on your investment.

Similarly, after completing the 25 years by following the same routine You will receive 2.14 crore rupees, and at the end of 30 years, it will be reached up to 4.42 crore rupees. So at the end of combating 30 years, You can see You have saved 98.70 lakh rupees in these years from your salary, and you have earned 3.43 crore rupees return on your investment. So after getting retirement, you can use this amount to purchase a good house and live a better life according to your needs. 


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