7th Pay Commission Next DA Hike 2024: कर्मचारियों को तोहफा, 4% DA के बाद 6 भत्तों में वृद्धि, मंत्रालय का आदेश जारी

7th Pay Commission Next DA Hike 2024: Central Government employees are waiting for next DA hike 2024 for July to December 2024. Employees who are working with Central Government will now get additional facilities and agreement in the other allowances in this year as government will increase dearness allowance for more than 50% in upcoming months. So other allowances will also increased 25% automaticly and employees will receive a good monthly salary after announcement of da hike 2024.

So, if you are also working in Central government department then you should check the latest announcement and the points which have discussed in recently conducted meeting for increment in dearness allowance. Recently employees in Central Government are receiving total 50% DA of their basic salary from 1 January 2024 which was announced on 12 March 2024. So, employees are getting approximately more than half basic pay in only da where other allowances are also included in their net salary.

However, according to the 7th pay commission, Government has to increase dearness allowance for the employees two times in a year. The July month DA is per pairing by the central government and will be increased according to all India CPI index. As the government is increasing for percent DA with the duration of 6 month, so this time the dearness allowance will go more than the 50%.

But as per the provisions in 7th pay commission, Government have to increase other allowances also after reaching the dearness allowance of employees for more than 50%. The central government have increased HRA with the increment in DA in-March month, now they will see increment in other allowances also. 

7th Pay Commission Next DA Hike 2024: 25% increment in CEA

The ministry of personnel, Public Grievances, and Pension’s Department of Personnel & Training have conducted a meeting about increment of dearness allowance for the employees and pensioners of Central Government. The department has also released office memorandum of the meeting on 25 April 2024.

The department has mentioned at children education allowances and hostel subsidy will also increase by 25% after reaching the dearness allowance of more than 50% in upcoming increment. As it will revise the pay structure of the employees according to the 7th pay commission, so once the pay structure revised, 25% increment in CEA and hostel subsidy will also increase for the children of the employees. 

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7th Pay Commission Allowance Hike News: CEA and hostel subsidy

Any government employee can apply for children’s education allowance and hostel subsidy from the government during their employment period to provide high quality education to their children. Authority provides monthly subsidy and allowances to the employee under the net salary which can be used by the parents for the educational purpose of the student. Government is providing 2812.5 rupees monthly children educational allowances to the employees. However, it will not matter how much you are spending monthly for the education of your children, but you will get maximum amount of 2812.5 rupees.

Apart from this, employees can also claim hostel subsidy for their student if they are living in any hostel for the amount of 8437.5 rupees per month. If the employee have any differently abled student or divyang children then they can claim for the double of CEA to care of their children. Similarly, any PWD category female employee will receive 3750 per month for taking care of their children. However they have to meet the certain eligibility criteria and other conditions.

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You should remember that, government is expected to revise the salary slab or basic salary structure of the employees in upcoming months due to reaching the maximum increment of da of 50%. So apart from the CEA, hostel subsidy, Government employees will also get additional increment in multiple allowances such as travel, medical, house and rent allowance etc. 

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