IRTSA demand for 8th Pay Commission 2024, Key demands of IRTSA

8th Pay Commission 2024 Latest News: Attention all central government employees and pensioners! Exciting news awaits as the government has received a proposal regarding the formation of the 8th Pay Commission 2024. This 8th Pay Commission 2024 Latest update brings hope and anticipation to those eagerly awaiting changes in their pay structures and pensions. Let’s delve into what this development means for you.

Proposal For 8th Pay Commission 2024 by Indian Railways

The Indian Railways Technical Supervisors’ Association (IRTSA) has sent a letter to the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions, which is part of the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT). They want the government to create the 8th Central Pay Commission 2024. This 8th Pay Commission 2024 needs enough time to carefully make suggestions. The letter also talks about fixing all the current problems and making sure there are no new ones in the future. The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions has passed on this letter to the Department of Expenditure.

8th Pay Commission 2024
IRTSA demand for 8th Pay Commission 2024, Key demands of IRTSA

Aim of The IRTSA Association

The association emphasized that it’s crucial to keep public services working well, no matter what. They said that the quality of public services should always get better, and the government should always try to find new ways to do things better. They also mentioned that there should be changes in how the government works to make it more efficient.

8th Pay Commission – Key demands from IRTSA

The IRTSA letter had some important requests. Here below we have mentioned all the key demands raised by the Indian Railways Technical Supervisors’ Association for 8th Pay Commission 2024:

  • First, they asked for a new central pay commission 2024.
  • They also asked the government to fix unfair differences and mistakes in the salaries of different employee groups.
  • They want enough time to fix any issues with pay, allowances, working conditions, promotions, and job classifications. They also want everyone involved to be part of the process and share their thoughts.
  • The association explains that every ten years, central pay commissions are formed to look at, assess, develop, and suggest changes in the rules for how employees are paid, including their salary, allowances, and other perks, whether in money or goods. They also consider the specific requirements of different government departments, agencies, and services for central government workers.
  • The 3rd, 4th, and 5th Central Pay Commissions suggested having a permanent system to regularly review the pay, allowances, and working conditions of central government employees.
  • The 6th Central Pay Commission suggested that its recommendations should be put into action from January 1, 2006, after ten years from when the recommendations of the 5th Central Pay Commission were implemented.

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7th Pay Commission Latest Update 2024

Some Changes Occurred In 7th Pay Commission Since It Is Implementation

After the government started following the suggestions of the 7th CPC in 2016, many important things have changed. These include how the government works, the economy (how much money the country makes), how much tax is collected, what services people need, and how many people are poor. This information comes from the IRTSA, which is a group that represents railway engineers.

Pay Grid Should Be Checked After a Regular Interval

The 7th Central Pay Commission 2024, which suggests how much government employees should be paid, said that the pay grid should be checked more often. They said this should be done without waiting for ten years, which is a long time. This advice came from an association.

Involvement of the Private Sector in the Government Sector 

The association also noticed big changes in how private companies are involved in public services and how the government controls them. They saw changes in how many people work in different departments, how many people are covered by the National Pension Scheme (NPS), and how much poverty has gone down. They also saw changes in what people buy and use, both for government workers and regular people.

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Disputes and Cases About Promotion Salary Raise

The association mentioned that there are many cases in courts all over the country about problems with pay, getting raises, deciding how much someone should be paid, getting promoted, and getting benefits when they retire. These cases take up a lot of time in the courts and make it hard for the government to work well.

8th Pay Commission – Key demands from IRTSA

A new pay commission should be set up to fix the differences or problems in how much different groups of workers are paid. This is needed because of the reasons we talked about earlier. The new commission should have enough time to look at all the rules about how much people should be paid, what extra money they get, how they work, how they can get promoted, and how different jobs are classified. The Pay Commission should also listen to what everyone involved has to say, including the workers’ side.


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