Top tips for board exams 2024, best strategies methods

Board Exams 2024: CBSE board exams are just a few steps away, and managing time is the key to success for students. The pressure to achieve good results, including covering a large curriculum, can be extremely tiring. However, if students do proper time management, they can not only cover the syllabus thoroughly but also appear confidently in the examination.

Expert Dr Neelima Kamrah, Head, KIIT World School, Gurgaon, shares invaluable time management tips to help you crack the upcoming CBSE board exams.

board exams 2024
Top tips for board exams 2024, best strategies methods

board exams 2024: Broken down the syllabus in a small section

Divide the entire syllabus into manageable sections. Break the topics into chapters and allocate time-based on their weightage. Give priority to subjects that are challenging or carry more marks, and ensure there is balanced coverage of the entire syllabus.

Establish a physical schedule

Plan your study plan safely. Allot specific time for each topic and chapter. When planning your syllabus, keep in mind the difficulty level of the subjects. Create a schedule that matches your natural rhythm and allows for breaks to avoid burnout.

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Practice Effective Writing

Improve your writing speed by practicing regularly with sample papers, previous year question papers, and mock tests. Set time limits for solving practice papers so that you can increase your effectiveness during the actual exam. Focus on maintaining consistency when writing at a fast pace.

board exams 2024: Managing time during practice

While studying, practice time management by setting timers for specific study sessions. It mimics exam conditions and helps measure your speed. Evaluate your performance after each Exam timed session and identify areas for improvement.

Use your intervals/holidays correctly

Use short holidays in between study sessions so that your mind is refreshed. Use techniques like deep breathing or a brisk walk to refresh your mind. Don’t waste excessive time during holidays, and make sure they don’t extend beyond the planned period.

Prioritize questions

During the exam, prioritize questions based on your confidence level and the time required per question. Mark the questions that you can answer quickly and correctly. Dedicate the remaining time to more challenging questions.

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Stay organized

Keep your study material organized. A clutter-free workplace aids in a focused and stimulation-filled study environment. There should be a checklist to track your progress and make sure you cover all the essential topics before the exam.

Realistic Time Allocation

Be realistic while setting time limits for questions based on their marks and difficulty. Don’t waste too much time on a single question; If you find yourself stuck, move on and return later if time permits.

Create Revision Schedules

Plan to schedule required revision sessions to consolidate knowledge. Regular revision is very important for long term maintenance. Focus on key concepts, formulas, and problem-solving techniques during revision to strengthen your understanding.

Ask for help when necessary

If you’re struggling to understand a topic, don’t hesitate to ask for help from teachers, colleagues, or online sources. Prompt resolution of doubts ensures that there is a clear understanding of concepts, preventing last-minute confusion.

As the clock is counting down for CBSE board exams, effective time management becomes a powerful tool for success. By implementing these tips, students can navigate promotion time with confidence, ensure understanding of the curriculum, and maintain a healthy balance between study and relaxation. Keep in mind, it’s not just about managing time; It is all about making every moment count towards success. So, move forward with preparation and determination, break the clock, and face the test with courage and preparation.

CBSE Board Exams 2024 date sheet

CBSE has decided to conduct the board examinations for classes X and XII for the academic year 2023-24 from February 15, 2024. These examinations will be conducted for approximately 55 days and are expected to end by 10th April 2024.

All examination-conducting organizations are requested to fix the dates of their examinations as per the board examinations given above.

Check the official date sheet of the board exams 2024

If you are a class 12 student or you are studying in class 12, then below we have given you a link to download your 12th board exam date sheet. You just have to download the date magazine by clicking on the link.

CBSE class 12 date sheet stream-wise

Date sheet for the science stream students

Date of the examinationSubjects (science)
22-Feb-2024English elective, English core
09-Mar-2024Mathematics, applied mathematics

Date sheet for the Commerce students

Date of the examinationSubjects (commerce)
22-Feb-2024English elective, English core
09-Mar-2024Mathematics, applied mathematics
27-Mar-2024Business studies, business administration
2-Apr-2024Informatics Practices, computer science

Date sheet for the humanities stream students

Date of the examinationSubject (humanities)
22-Feb-2024English elective, English core
22-Mar-2024Political Science
13-Mar-2024Home Science

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