Canada GST/HST Credit Dates 2024: Credit Payment Schedule, Registration & Eligibility

Canada GST/HST Credit Dates 2024: The Government of Canada receives GST and HST credits from the citizens of Canada annually. The Financial year of Canada for 2023 is going to be complete with only one month left before the start of 2024. So if you are a taxpayer in Canada then you should check the latest information on Canada GST HST credit date 2024 in this article so it will help you to calculate and mark your calendar dates accordingly for submitting the text of this year.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Credit and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Credit are refundable tax credits provided by the Canadian government to help offset the impact of the GST and HST on lower-income individuals and families. These taxes are received by the Canada Revenue Agency- CRA. You can check the latest updates of CRA for GST and HST date 2024 by visiting the official website. The Government of Canada provides the facility to submit GST and HST tax quarterly 4 times for a financial year. 

Canada GST/HST Credit Dates 2024

You should mark your calendars for submitting the GST or HST tax to the Canada Revenue Agency quarterly. According to the official notification of the government of Canada, The government is currently receiving the tax for the base year of 2022 which includes the years 2023 and 24. The Canada Revenue Agency receives GST and HST credits on the fifth dates of July, October January, and April. So for the year 2023, Canadian citizens can mark their calendars on 5 July 2023, 5 October 2023, 5 January 2024, and 5 April 2024. So you can pay the tax accordingly.

GST/HST Credit Payment Dates in Canada 2023-2024

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Eligibility for Canada GST/ HST Credit 

As the Government of Canada provides facilities for lower-income individuals and families through GST/ HST credits, you have to follow specific eligibility criteria decided by the Canadian Revenue Agency. 

  • Any Canadian citizen whose age is more than 19 years is eligible to pay GST/ HST
  • If the citizen is under 19 then either applicant has a suppose for should be a parent of a child Who is living with them.
  • The Canadian citizen should propose in the month of CRA making Payment and beginning of the month.
  • Individuals and couples can apply for this GST HST credit according to their income.
  • If the child of the couple is living with them then they can also claim for the return of their children. But if any welfare agency is taking care of the child then currently cannot apply for the GST HST credit for their children

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Benefits in GST HST credit 2024 

The Canada Revenue Agency will calculate the GST and HST credits for citizens by following many criteria. If you are an individual then you can apply individually but if you have a spouse then the annual family income will be calculated combinedly. The number of children who are registered under Canada child benefit and whose age is less than 19 years are also calculated to provide the credit amount to the citizens. By following this method, a single taxpayer will receive a maximum 446$, 650 will be provided for a couple and 171 dollars will be provided for each child whose age is under 19. 

Apply for Canada GST/ HST Credit 2024 

  • Visit the official website of the Canada Revenue Agency of the government of Canada by clicking on this link. 
  • Now select the revenue agency and opt for Canada GST/ HST credit apply 2024.
  • Now you will be redirected to a new page where you have to click on the link to apply after reading the eligibility criteria and other details.
  • After this apply for the different application forms according to your category ie if you have children then you can apply for form RC 66, if you do not have children then you can fill the form RC 151. 
  • After that complete your application and mail the application form to the tax center.