Cibil Score Improvement Tricks: बिना क्रेडिट कार्ड के क्रेडिट स्कोर सुधारने के Best तरीके

Cibil Score Improvement Tricks: It is observed that Banks generally decrease the credit score of their customers due to not maintaining the credit card. But there are also manufacturers that play a major role in preparing the credit score of the customers. If you are also facing a low credit score and are unable to apply for personal loans and other banking features, then you should immediately maintain your credit score and increase your trustworthiness with the bank. Today we are discussing with you some important Cibil Score Improvement Tricks that will increase your credit score and you need not use your credit card to increase your credit score in this method. So check all the Cibil Score Improvement Tricks and techniques which will directly benefit you to increase your credit score and after that, you can apply for all banking facilities to your Lander and other banks.

Cibil Score Improvement Tricks

Apply for a personal loan to increase your credit score 

Banks do not provide instant personal loan to customers whose credit score is low. So you should face difficulty over low credit score personal loan. But there are many financial companies that are providing instant loans through online mode without visiting any branch. However, these banks and companies will charge you higher interest rates but you can easily apply to these companies that are registered with NBFC. These companies will provide you with a low amount of loan at the first time and will charge higher interest rates. But if you repay this instant loan timely then these companies will increase your credit score on their system. After that, companies with also increase the loan amount and decrease the interest rates to you for next time. So personal loan can increase your credit score if you repay it timely.

Submit the loan amount timely 

Many persons purchase products on EMI and most people are paying various types of bills through online mode including utility bills, EMI, etc. So if you have any type of pending EMI, you should repay this amount as soon as possible to the bank for the company. Once you repay all pending amounts to the company your trustworthiness will increase and you can showcase this repayment to the bank while applying for a personal loan so they will also increase your credit score in their systems.

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Use other types of payment bills

If your bank is not providing you with personal loans and other banking facilities due to your bad credit score then you should provide them with other types of payment bills to increase their trust in you. If you are living in a rented house and paying the rent timely then you should showcase your rental agreement to the loan provider or Bank and also provides information on the monthly payment of your home rent and other type of rent. After that companies will trust you and will provide you with the loan amount on behalf of your payment history. So if you get a personal loan from the bank to showcase your rent bills, then you should repay the instant loan to the bank timely so next time you need a note to show any other documents for applying for a personal loan.

Good source of income

If you are a businessman who is earning a good amount on an annual basis you will not face any type of difficulty over a bad credit score also. But if you are a middle-class person then you should join any company and show your salary slips to the loan provider. If you are working in any company for at least 3 to 6 months and receiving a good salary then banks will provide you the loan amount due to a good source of income as you can repair it alone amount timely due to your financial status. 

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Apply personal loan through physical mode 

However, there are many types of facilities through online mode including online personal loans. But if you have a bad credit score and are facing reception phone personal loan application through online mode then you should contact the Lander or Bank physically and meet him at the office or branch. After that, you can discuss your problem with the Lander personally and showcase all the documents and other information that will increase your trust in the Lander. After that, you will get a loan amount from the Lander. however, they can charge higher interest rates but if you negotiate with them then it can also be reduced accordingly.