CPP Payment 2024 Dates: सीपीपी में कितनी बढ़ोतरी होगी और भुगतान कब मिलेगा, सम्पूर्ण जानकारी | Canada Pension Payment Status Check

CPP Payment 2024 Dates: The pension plan is very important and beneficial for senior citizens to live their lives peacefully by using their savings through pension schemes. Governments are promoting pension schemes as the Government of Canada is also providing Canada pension plan to their citizens which is also famous as CPP. Those who are living in Canada for working in Canada can participate in a pension plan during their employment period so they will get their investment bank a pension after completing the year 60 or 65. Today we are discussing important dates of Canada CPP Plan 2024, CPP Payment 2024 Dates including the Canada Pension Payment eligibility criteria and benefits of Canada Pension Plan 2024.

Canada pension plan is a welfare scheme conducted by the government of Canada for many years and provides pension facilities to the pensioners Who contribute to the CPP. All the citizens of Canada who are working in Canada can apply for this CPP Pension Plan. The Canada pension plan offers beneficiaries a monthly pension after getting retirement. During the time of employment, both employee and employer have to invest in the CPP scheme high specific percentage of salary which is designed and updated by the Government of Canada. 

CPP Payment 2024 Dates [Canada Pension Plan 2024]

Currently, employees and employers are investing 5.95% salary into the account of CPP. It means both are paying the same amount and in the end employee is receiving a total of 11.9% share which is Savings in the CPP account and will be provided to the employer as a pension after retirement. However, the percentage of shares has increased from 5.75% to 5.95% for the year of 2023. According to the information, the contribution rates will be increased to 6.5% in 2024. 

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Maximum pension in CPP

There are multiple factors that will decide the maximum pension amount for pensioners after retirement. The decision to get a pension amount is totally on the beneficiary. Anyone can apply for a pension after getting the age of 60. However, if you are getting a pension after the age of 55 then you can get a maximum of $1,306.57 Per month. If you want to get specific information according to your condition then you can use the Canada pension calculator by clicking on this link you have to provide your pension information and after that system will calculate the pension amount will you receive after retirement. Canada pension calculator link

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Eligibility to contribute to CPP 

However, the eligibility to receive a CPP pension amount will be enabled after reaching the age of 60. However, citizens have to contribute to the CPP during employment before retirement. So if you are working in any company in Canada then you are eligible to contribute to the CPP scheme. However, if you want to work after the age of 60 then it will plus point for you as pensioners will not lose the benefit of a pension and can also earn according to their suitability after the age of 60.

The government is also providing facilities to those citizens who have not contributed yet to the CPP scheme and have completed the age of 65, they can work with any company and contribute to the scheme accordingly. As you start to contribute to CPP your benefit of increment in pension will continuously increase yearly. However, the maximum age to contribute to CPP is 70 years old and you cannot contribute to this plan after reaching the age of 70 however you can work to earn a salary accordingly. 

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Apply in CPP plan 2023 

The Government of Canada is accepting online as well as offline applications from the citizens of Canada to provide the benefit of the CPP scheme. If you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria and all other terms and conditions of the Canada Pension Scheme then you can apply by following this procedure:

  • Visit the official website of the Canadian government. This is the direct link to visit the official website https://www.canada.ca/ 
  • Now select the services and click on the link to the Canada pension plan.
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  • After this, you will be redirected to a new page where you have to click on the link to apply CPP Retirement Pension Plan according to the above image.
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  • Now read all the terms and conditions and eligibility criteria and after that click on the link to apply online
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  • Now register yourself on the official portal and apply for the Canada pension plan online form and enter your personal details with all the important documents

Once you have submitted the application form you have to wait at least 120 days for the verification process and during the verification you can continuously check the status of the Canada pension scheme by visiting the same website. However, if you are not familiar with online mode then you can directly visit the nearest government office of Canada and after that apply manually.