Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2024: पहले आओ – पहले पाओ, सोलर पंप सरकारी सहायता आवेदन करें

Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2024:The lack of access to electricity is a significant issue in our country, affecting more than 300 million people, which is equivalent to the entire population of the US. However, this challenge presents an economic opportunity for companies that offer off-grid or microgrid solutions. These options not only help rural customers move away from using expensive fuels like kerosene but also provide basic energy services such as lighting and cell phone charging. Importantly, they also cater to the economically productive needs of these communities.

In India, where over 50% of the workforce is engaged in agriculture, there is tremendous potential to provide comprehensive electrification solutions that address the specific requirements of residential electricity, including electric irrigation pumps. Currently, many Indian farmers rely on the monsoon for watering their crops. However, the introduction of irrigation can significantly increase crop yields, sometimes up to four times. Nevertheless, irrigation demands energy. Presently, there are approximately 26 million diesel and electric pumps operating on Indian farms, making them the primary technology used in this context. However, grid-connected pumps that rely on electricity face the same challenge as any other load connected to India’s central grid: frequent power outages.

Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2024

However, many farmers lack access to irrigation infrastructure, including the means to transport water from nearby sources to their fields. This is where solar-powered irrigation, coupled with cost-effective drip irrigation kits, can play a crucial role. By utilizing new economical photovoltaic panels and off-the-shelf 12-volt pumps, this system can provide an affordable and sustainable solution for supplying water for irrigation. The adoption of solar-powered irrigation has the potential to significantly increase income, particularly for the most vulnerable farmers.

Due to inflation, the condition of people in the country has worsened, affecting every class. To support our farmer brothers who are also struggling, both the central and state governments have implemented numerous bumper schemes. Many of these schemes provide subsidies or directly transfer money to bank accounts. To double the income of farmers, the Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2024 is being implemented, which provides benefits to our farmer brothers from time to time. If you live in Uttar Pradesh and are a farmer, the government is providing solar pumps for free. The agriculture department in Uttar Pradesh is working on a major benefit scheme for farmers, under which solar pumps are being provided for free through the Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2024, with only a nominal amount being charged by the government. It is being reported in the news that this Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2024 is highly beneficial.

Solar Rooftop Yojana Subsidy 2024 : सरकार दे रही है सोलर पैनल सब्सिडी, ऐसे करें आवेदन !!

Free Solar Rooftop Yojana 2024: तुरंत लगेगा सोलर सिर्फ 500 रुपये में, यहां से भरो सोलर पैनल फॉर्म

Kusum Solar Pump Subsidy Yojana 2024 RECENT UPDATE

  • The Uttar Pradesh government is preparing to distribute solar pumps to farmers under the Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2024.
  • Farmers can also apply online for the Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2024 starting from January 16.
  • The benefit of this scheme will be given to farmers based on a “first come, first serve” basis by the Department of Agriculture.
  • It is mandatory for the farmers availing the benefits of the scheme to be registered with the Department of Agriculture of the Uttar Pradesh government.
  • According to the press note, registration on the website www.agriculture.up.gov.in of the Department of Agriculture is mandatory to avail the benefits of this scheme. Additionally, online applications will also be made for booking solar pumps on the website.

FIRST COME FIRST SERVICE Kusum Solar Pump Subsidy Yojana 2024

Distribution will be based on the principle of “First come, first served”. The booking of farmers will be done up to 110% of the district’s target limit, following the principle of “First come, first served”. Farmers will be required to deposit a token money of 5000 rupees along with their online booking. After the confirmation of token money within a week, farmers will have to generate an online token and deposit the remaining amount through a challan at any branch of the Indian Bank or online. In case of non-deposit, the application of the farmers will be automatically canceled. Additionally, the amount of token money will also be forfeited.

To avail the benefit of the subsidy, a borewell of 6 inches is mandatory for 3 and 5 HP, while a bore well of 8 inches is mandatory for 7 and 10 HP. The farmer will have to get the boring done themselves. In case of non-availability of boring during verification, the amount of token money will be forfeited and the application will be canceled.

PM Solar Pump Subsidy 2024: फ्री सोलर पंप पर, पहले से अधिक सब्सिडी, इस तरीके से भरो फॉर्म फिर पक्का मिलेगी सब्सिडी

Topup Subsidy on Solar Pump: सरकार का बड़ा ऐलान, 74000 किसानों को मिलेगी सोलर पंप टॉप अप सब्सिडी, भरें ये फॉर्म

What will be the cost of installing a solar pump?

Under the PM Kusum Yojana, the Uttar Pradesh government will provide different amounts of money for different HP solar pumps from various companies.

For example, the price of a 3 HP DC submersible pump is 232,721 rupees, out of which 139,633 rupees will be received. For this solar pump, farmers will have to pay 5,000 rupees as token money along with 88,088 rupees.

A subsidy of 138,267 rupees will be given on a 3 HP AC submersible pump, 196,499 rupees on a 5 HP AC submersible pump, 266,456 rupees on a 7.5 HP AC submersible pump, and 266,456 rupees on a 10 HP AC submersible pump. Please note that on all these solar pumps, a token amount of 5,000 rupees along with different amounts will have to be given. For your information, the government has set a target of 270 pumps for 3 HP DC submersible pumps, 161 pumps for 3 HP AC submersible pumps, 200 pumps for 5 HP AC submersible pumps, 40 pumps for 7.5 HP AC submersible pumps, and 10 pumps for 10 HP AC submersible pumps.


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