Laapataa Ladies: ‘लापता लेडीज’ बीवी की अदला-बदली की रोचक कहानी, शानदार कहानी शानदार अभिनय

The Laapataa Ladies movie was released at Cinema on 1 March 2024 and fans are watching the movie and reviewing it on social media platforms. Kiran Rao’s Laapataa Ladies is a very simple movie where we cannot find any action scenes, item songs, or other movie masala but it shows the Indian culture and advocates the empowerment of women empowerment through comedy in the movie. However today we will not discuss the review of the Laapataa Ladies movie but will share with you the learnings of the Laapataa Ladies movie which can be used by investors. You can find 4 money lessons in this movie which will be held full to make decisions in investment of money. 

Before starting with the hidden money lessons in the movie you should check the basic story of the Laapataa Ladies movie which will help you understand the money lessons. While on a chaotic train journey in rural India, two young brides, Phool and Jaya, accidentally switch places due to their identical appearances. This leads to a hilarious mess as Phool befriends a tea vendor searching for her real husband, and Jaya challenges traditional expectations while living with Deepak’s family. Despite a frantic search involving families and authorities, the experience ultimately empowers both women to discover hidden strengths and perspectives as the truth is revealed and they reunite with their intended husbands, forever changed by their mistaken journey.

Laapataa Ladies

Tiny Laapataa Ladies takes on international big ticket Dune 2

Where blockbuster sequels dominate headlines, “Dune 2” promises to continue the epic saga with stars like Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya. However, amidst the glitz and glamour, “Laapataa Ladies” shines as a beacon of fresh storytelling, led by lesser-known actors supported by standout performances from Ravi Kishen and Chhaya Kadam. While the allure of established giants is undeniable, investing in emerging talents like “Laapataa Ladies” offers the potential for explosive growth, akin to backing a rising star over a seasoned veteran in the world of cinema.

‘लापता लेडीज’ पर आया दर्शकों दिल, दिलचस्प है गायब हुई दुल्हन की कहानी

Vacancy the bride and the movie are following her husband blindly as her face is covered with Ghunghat so she is told to follow her husband to reach the destination. Apart from this, we can see the bride blindly following her husband and getting comments from the photographer about hiding her identity by blindly following her husband. The same principle is also applied to investors who are searching for a good company in which they want to invest money.

As per the movie and the situation of the bride, the investors also don’t have any idea of the future of their investment and the company so they are bound to trust the company and trust is a key to success and reaching the destination. But it is also important to not blindly trust the company the bride was not able to see her husband without the marriage but investors have the option to read all the documents of the company before investing the amount in the company. So once you decide to trust any company you should check the complete documentation carefully.

Education is the key to success 

The movie has a hidden message about the importance of education for girl children in the country. The bride was not able to Remember the name of the village where she grew up.  While the one bride was told to learn household activities and prepare for marriage the other girl who was topper among 800 students was forced to marry. However, when the Phool earns her first money the joy on her face is indescribable. So if you are an investor, then you need to learn about the investment and not be motivated to invest blindly in any company by following the trends. So once you focus on your learning and earn your first money from the investment then you will feel the same join which was felt by Phool. 


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