OAS Increase 2024: OAS Pension Scheme Increase, Limits, Rates, Clawback, Contribution & More

OAS Increase 2024: The government is providing an opportunity to get a monthly income after retirement for the citizens of the country through the OAS Pension Scheme 2024. All the citizens who are eligible to receive the old age security pension scheme have good news from the government as they can expect an increment in the OAS payment 2024. If you are also waiting for oas amount then you can check this article “OAS Increase 2024” where we will share with you the latest updates on OAS Increase 2024 payment, the calculation of OAS payment 2024, payment dates, etc. 

The Old Age Security (OAS) program is a vital part of the Canadian retirement income system, providing a monthly benefit to qualifying seniors. All the eligible senior citizens in the country are getting monthly pensions under the Canadian pension plan of the old Age Security OAS scheme. Beneficiaries who were receiving 66500 CAD under the OAS Pension Scheme 2024 will now receive 68500 CAD due to an increment in inflation. So the authority has also OAS Increase 2024 the pension amount for the beneficiaries. 

OAS Increase 2024 News

The Canadian government gives money to older people through the Old Age Security Pension. This money helps seniors who are 65 years old or older. In 2024, the government increased the amount they give each month from CAD 66500 to CAD 68500. They look at how prices change over time to decide how much to increase the payment. Everyone eligible can get this money, even if they don’t have a job. But there’s a limit to how much money you can make and still get this payment.

This limit is called the OAS Clawback cap, and in 2024, it went up to CAD 90997 from CAD 86912. To qualify for this benefit, you need to have paid into the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) at least once. When you work, part of your salary goes to CPP, and your employer also contributes a portion.

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Contribution in OAS 

Canada’s Old Age Security (OAS) program provides a monthly pension to eligible seniors, but the amount you receive depends on two key factors.  First, the longer you’ve lived in Canada after turning 18, the higher your benefit will be. Second, if your income is very high, a portion of your OAS payments may be taxed back by the government. 

This ensures the program supports those who need it most. Unlike your marital status, your income doesn’t affect whether you qualify for OAS, and the money you receive is generally not considered taxable income.  While the exact amounts fluctuate slightly, in late 2023, the maximum monthly payment for those aged 65-74 was around $707, with a higher limit for those over 75. To qualify for these amounts in 2023, your total income in 2022 would have needed to be below a specific threshold. 

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OAS April month payment dates 2024

Canada Revenue Agency is managing the old age security scheme for pensioners in the state and will release the pension for April on 26 April 2024. All the beneficiaries who have participated in the pension plan have to wait till the payment release date.

The amount of old and security scheme is decided by multiple factors including the number of years which you have spent in the company, citizenship details of the applicant where you should live in the country for at least 10 years, age criteria of the applicants as senior citizens ranged between 65 to 74 will receive 704.76 CAD per month and citizens whose age is more than 75 will able to receive 814.62 CAD per month.

Apart from this participation in the OAS Scheme 2024 will also increase or decrease the payment amount such as if you have invested a good amount in an old age security scheme during your employment, then you will receive good clawback accordingly.


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