Personal Loan With Low Cibil Score:बिना परेशानी एकदम खराब सिबिल पर भी मिलेगा लोन वो भी बिना जाँच पूछ

Personal Loan With Low Cibil Score 2024: Personal loans are highly demanded Lon offers in banks which are provided by banks and companies to the customers without asking for any security as only a good CIBIL score is needed to get a personal loan. However, few customers can maintain their CIBIL scores due to multiple conditions including not paying the EMI timely, using maximum credit amount, etc. So those customers who have bad CIBIL scores or low CIBIL scores get troubled while applying for personal loans in banks and financial companies. So today we will discuss with you tips and techniques that can be used to apply for a Personal Loan With Low Cibil Score and will help you to personal loan approval from the bank and financial companies. 

Personal Loan With Low Cibil Score

Personal loans are unsecured loan offers where lenders do not have a 100% guarantee to receive their loan amount back from the customers as customers do not submit any security including property, jewelry, etc. So the CIBIL score is the only major factor in determining the eligibility of customers to provide a Personal Loan With Low Cibil Score. CIBIL score is prepared by agencies for the customers according to their banking relationship including timely submission of EMI, use of credit amount, loan history of the customer, etc. It is prepared in the range of 300 to 900. A CIBIL score of more than 750 is considered a good CIBIL score and many banks are providing personal loans to these customers. So if you have less than a 750 credit score then you can check the following methods to apply for a Personal Loan With Low Cibil Score approval.

Personal Loan With Low Cibil Score from Small Financial Companies

Small financial companies such as Dhani loan application, Piramal Finance, and Kredit Bee are listed under non-bank financial companies- NBFC which are registered with RBI. These companies are also providing Personal Loan With Low Cibil Score facilities to their customers and approving personal loan applications over low CIBIL scores such as a CIBIL score of up to 650. However, these companies may charge higher interest rates of a maximum of 36% on personal loans. But once you repay the EMI then these companies will not only reduce interest rates for next time but will also increase the CIBIL score so you will be eligible to apply for Personal Loan With Low Cibil Score in banks also.

Contact the bank manager

If you are suffering from a low CIBIL score and want to get a personal loan from your bank with minimum interest rates then you can contact your bank manager. If the relationship of the customer is good with a bank in past years then the manager can allow and approve loan applications for the customer. However, you should show your income proof documents such as salary slips or balance sheets of the business to ensure the manager that you can repay the loan amount timely. So, in most cases, customers can get Personal Loan With Low Cibil Score approval from the bank over a low CIBIL score if they contact the manager and discuss with him their loan needs.

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Apply for a secured loan 

Banks are also providing secured loans to their customers where they do not ask for CIBIL scores from the customers. Secured loans are very famous loan schemes in banks where banks will submit the security in exchange for providing a loan amount. Customer scans submit property documents, cars, bikes, jewelry, and other assets to the bank under a secured loan scheme. The interest rates on secured loans are also low so you can repay the loan amount usually without burden. Once you repay the loan amount, the bank will return your security deposits. 

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Maintain the CIBIL score 

You can use the above method to apply for a personal loan over a low CIBIL score but it will work in your emergency cases only, but if you want to get a personal loan offer from the banks in the future also then you should maintain the CIBIL score and it is very easy to increase CIBIL score. If any customer applies for a personal loan and repays the loan amount timely then the CIBIL score will automatically increase, Apart from this you should not use more than the 30% credit limits from your credit card and if you use the credit limits then should repay the amount instantly to maintain your CIBIL score. 


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