PM Kusum Solar Pump 2024: इन राज्यों में फ्री सोलर पंप योजना का आवेदन शुरु [100% Subsidy], ऐसे करें अप्लाई

PM Kusum Solar Pump 2024 is beneficial for farmers in India to save money on electricity bills and expenditure of purchasing diesel or petrol to generate water pumps for watering in the fields. The government is promoting the solar pump technique in India which is not only increasing the use of renewable energy but is also helping farmers and stakeholders save their money from unnecessary electricity bills and diesel for water pumps. So if you are living in India and engaged in farming activities then you can apply for PM Kusum Solar Pump Scheme 2024 by following the PM Kusum Solar Pump 2024 eligibility criteria and carrying the specific documents according to Different states and districts. We will discuss with you all the processes in this article to provide you guidance for the online application of PM KUSUM solar pump 2024.

The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthan Mahabhiyaan (PM-KUSUM) Scheme is a flagship initiative launched by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) to help farmers in India adopt solar-powered solutions for irrigation. The scheme aims at providing energy security, decreasing reliance on diesel pumps, and generating extra income for farmers. There are three types of solar pumps available in the scheme including 3 horsepower solar pump, 5 HP solar pump and 7.5 HP solar pump and farmers can apply for solar pump according to the dimension of their fields. However, the budget for the installation of solar pumps is very high, so the government is helping farmers install solar pumps with the PM Kusum solar pump subsidy. Farmers are getting a maximum 80% to 90% subsidy and they only have to pay 10% amount of the procedure to install solar pumps, after that, you can use solar pumps for the next 10 to 15 years without paying any electricity bill and purchasing fuel. 

PM Kusum Solar Pump 2024

PM KUSUM solar pump subsidy 

The State Government and Central Government both provide subsidies to the farmers under the pm Kusum solar pump scheme where the state government offers a 30% subsidy and the central government offers a 30% subsidy to all the farmers in the country except The farmers who are living in North Eastern states, Hill States and UTs as they will get maximum 50% subsidy from the state. So farmers can get a 60% to 80% subsidy from the government and have to spend only 30 to 40% of the money to install solar pumps. However, banks are also offering loans with low-interest rates to the farmers to install solar pumps where you can get a 40% amount as a loan and can pay the amount monthly for a few years. 

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What is the solar pump? 

A solar pump is a device that uses energy from the sun to pump water without the need for diesel or electricity. It consists of solar panels that capture sunlight and convert it into electricity, which powers a motor to draw water from underground sources such as wells or boreholes. This technology is beneficial for Indian farmers as it offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to diesel and electric pumps, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and cutting down operational costs. It is ideal for remote agricultural areas where access to electricity may be limited.

Eligibility for PM Solar Pump Scheme 2024

  • Any individual farmer or a group of farmers can apply for a solar pump scheme under the central government where if you have Limited land then a group of farmers can apply accordingly.
  • Farmers have to show the ownership documents of the land where they want to install the Solar pump
  • Apart from this, you should have an Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Property documents
  • Electricity connection and bill
  • Passport size photograph
  • Bank account number
  • Mobile number and email ID

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How to Apply for Free Solar Pump 2024?

If you are interested in applying for PM Kusum Solar Pump Scheme 2024 then you have to register your information on the official website of the state government by following this procedure:

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  • Now you will read on the dashboard where you have to click on the state portal link and select the specific state where you are living
  • Now you will reach the new page where you have to click on farmer registration and fill in your details including mobile number, email ID  name, and create a user ID and password.
  • Fill out the application form by providing your name, address information, and document information, and Upload all the documents so you can click on the submit link to submit your application form

The company will verify your application and visit your location to find out the place where you want to install the solar pump and after that, the procedure will be started within a few weeks. Once you complete all the procedures, you will receive the Subsidy amount in your bank account. 


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