Sell Old Coin Notes 2024: 3 से 8 लाख में बेचें पुराना पैसा, रातों-रात बनें अमीर, यह स्टेप्स करें फॉलो

Sell Old Coin Notes 2024: New business opportunities are continuously growing in India and people are getting benefits in these businesses. Currently the currency collection and selling business is very demanding where you can sell your unique currency note of coins to the currency collectors and get lakhs of rupees for your unique currency. So if you have also an interest in unique currency collection such as 786 number note collection, old coins collection, etc, then you can read this article “Sell Old Coin Notes 2024” where we will share with you the actual price of unique and demanded currency in India and will also share with you the contact details where you can share and sale your currency collections to get lakhs of rupees.

Sell Old Coin Notes 2024: Old 500 and 1000 rupee note

The Government of India has discontinued old 500 and 1000 notes from 2017. Now new notes of 500 rupees are available in the market and there is no currency of 1000 rupees available currently in India. But if you have old 500 and 1000 rupees yet then you can sell it to the money collectors. 

Sell Old Coin Notes 2024: Sell 50 Rs Old Note Online 

The demand of Rs 50 continuously increasing in India where currency collectors want to collect different types of Rs 50 note in their corrections. If you have a 500 rupees note with the signature of Dr Manmohan Singh then you can mark it to sell. You can receive approximately 3.5 lakh rupees on this 50 rupees note. 

Sell Old Coin Notes 2024: Sell 20 Rs Old Note Online 

There are only limited currencies of Rs 20 coin in India which was released by the government of India in 2020 and do not continue this currency further. The coin is demanded in the market due to only 500 copies of the currency circulating in Indian markets. However if you still have 20 rupees coin then you will able to receive approximately 80000 to 90000 for this only Rs 20 coins.

1 Rupees Old Note Sell: लाख रूपए का 1 रूपए का नोट, बनो लखपति 

Sell 10 Rupee Peacock Note Online 2024: मोर वाला ₹10 का नोट, देगा आपको लाखों, लखपति बनने का तरीका

Sell Old Notes 20 Rs: ₹20 का नोट लाखों में बेचें, ये है नोट बेचने की निंजा ट्रिक

Sell Old Coin Notes 2024: K kamaraj coin

K Kamraj was one of the senior leader of Indian National Congress. The Government of India has release coins with the stamp face of k kamaraj. The coin should include 1903 to 1975 with the face of the leader. Buyers are offering up to 2 lakh rupees for this unique currency. 

Sell Old Coin Notes 2024: Rs 5 coin Sell Online

Government of India have release multiple versions of Rs 5 coin and all have a unique Identity. The coin is available with the print of the logo of civil aviation India where you can see the print of hundred and a strip on 100 which is crossing it. It is included the year of 1911 to 2011. All above informations are printed on the back side of 5 rupees currency coin. If you have this specific currency then you will get UPTU 3.75 lakh rupees.

Similarly if you have a Rs 5 currency coin of silver colour which have two flowers in the front of the coin and 1999 is printed on the bottom of the coin. Then you will get 2.5 lakh on this unique coin. 

5 Paisa Coin Sell Online

Currently the currency of less than 1 rupee is not available in physical mode in the market, the five Paisa coin was very famous in 90s. So if you have five Paisa coin with the printed year of 1975 then you can get opportunity to get 1.9 lakh rupees. 

Indira Gandhi coin Sell Online 2024

The coin of Indira Gandhi is also very famous in India where you can get more than 3 lakh rupees for this unique coin. You should have a coin where the portrait of Indira Gandhi should be stamped with the year of 1917 to 1984. There are multiple coins of these specifications but you should also focus on the sign of ‘-’ between the gap of both years. So you can sell your coin with higher price.

Sell 5 rs Old Note Online 2024 ₹5 के Tractor वाला नोट, यहाँ बेचे लाखों पाएं

Sell 10 Rupees Note in 25 Lakh, Know About 10 Rs old note selling price in India

Old Note Sell 2024: घर बैठे 5 लाख देगा यह नोट, Sell Old 50 Rs note in 5 Lakh, जल्दी कीजिये मौका चूक न जाये

Sell 50 Rs Note Online 2024: ₹50 का नोट 24 लाख में बेचें, जानें कैसे कब और कहाँ, सब मिलेगा यहां

Star in the serial number of the note 

All the currency notes are printed with specific serial number by the Reserve Bank of India. However RBI have also released many currency notes of serial number with stars between the numbers. So if you have any currency note which this specification including Rs 20, Rs 50, 100 and more than you can get up to 800000 for each not according to the specification. 

786 Number Note Sell Online

786 is considered a lucky number and many currency collection agencies are looking for the currency with serial number of 786. However, you will not be able to get higher amount on this note but if you have a serial number which is starting with 786 and after that following zeros till the end then this will make your note a unique and will provide you the price of Rs 2 to 3 lakh rupees.

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