Know the Top 5 Best 2 Wheeler Insurance Companies in India 2024

Top 5 Best 2 Wheeler Insurance Companies in India: Insurance is very important for every vehicle as it is mandatory by the Government of India. It is very important to have the right bike insurance because whenever any kind of vehicle accident you face due to any cause, it costs you a huge repair cost. Therefore, insurance companies in India offer a comprehensive bike insurance policy that protects against damages caused to your vehicle and also covers third-party liability.

Just remember, as per the Motor Vehicles Act in India, it is mandatory to have at least one third-party vehicle insurance. We look forward to 2024 and expect insurance companies in India to include extended coverage, quicker claims, and many other benefits in your two-wheeler policy.

Top 5 Best 2 Wheeler Insurance Companies in India 2024

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Here below we have given the details of some best bike insurance for the year 2024. If you are looking for bike insurance then you can go for these below given insurances. These insurances are best due to their hassle-free claim policy. As per the policyholder review, they didn’t face any kind of problem while taking a claim for their insurance policy.

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Reliance General Insurance 2-Wheeler Package Policy

Reliance General Two-Wheeler Package Policy is a comprehensive plan that provides cover to the insured for both third-party liability and personal injury.

Personal coverage: The insured gets a personal accident cover of up to Rs 15 lakh, which covers any damage caused to your vehicle due to natural disasters like earthquakes. This insurance company has more than 8,200 network garages across the country.

And besides, if you want complete protection and pure resistance without depreciation then here are some more suggestions. Yes, if it takes more than 21 days to take your two-wheeler to an authorized service centre, the insurance company waives the price of your car at Easy Monthly Instalment (EMI). You can also choose an arbitrary loss reduction option of Rs 500 to Rs 1,500, which can reduce your premium by 5% to 20%.

ICICI Lombard Two-Wheeler Insurance

ICICI Lombard two-wheeler insurance is a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, which means it covers both third-party bike liabilities and damage caused to your vehicle in a single policy.

Personal accident cover: The insured gets personal accident cover which is up to Rs 15 lakh, and third-party coverage up to Rs 1 lakh.

This insurance company has a network of more than 10,800 garages across the country.

  • You can get an add-on for zero depreciation coverage in case of any damage to your two-wheeler. This policy covers 24/7 roadside assistance for any type of repairs.
  • All you have to do is contact customer care and visit the nearest network garage.
  • ICICI Lombard offers an easy way to get insurance online, submit the required documents and pay the premium online. The policy will be sent to your email immediately.

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TATA AIG Bike Insurance Policy

Tata AIG comprehensive bike insurance provides complete coverage for your bike and third-party liabilities. Additionally, it also offers a variety of insurance add-ons if you need another layer of coverage. You can get your bike repaired from the nearest network garage by calling the company’s customer care. More than 8,700 network garages are operating across the country.

No claim bonus: Remember, if no claims have been made for five years, you get up to 50% discount on the premium in the form of a No Claim Bonus (NCB).

  • The policy can be purchased by visiting the nearest branch or from banks that cooperate with this insurance company.
  • Alternatively, you can get up to 75% discount on premium if you buy a two-wheeler policy online by submitting and paying for the relevant certificate.
  • The downside is that the policy does not cover normal wear and tear of your two-wheeler, nor any electrical and mechanical problems.

Bajaj Alliance Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

As the name suggests, Bajaj Allianz Two-Wheeler Package Insurance is a long-term policy with a minimum term of two and three years. This policy is a comprehensive plan for your bike and provides comprehensive coverage for third-party liabilities.

Personal accident coverage: In this policy, you get personal accident coverage up to approximately Rs 15 lakh, which you also get the option to increase at an additional premium rate. Whereas for third party liabilities, the coverage is up to Rs 1 lakh for injury, death, and/or property damage.

Advantages of the policy: Another advantage of this policy is that the premium rate will remain the same throughout the policy term. If you want to use add-ons, it also includes zero depreciation cover, which will cover the depreciation of your insured vehicle. This policy will not provide cover for normal wear and tear or electrical and mechanical problems.

HDFC Ergo 2-Wheeler Bike Insurance

HDFC Ergo Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance is a comprehensive bike insurance that covers damages caused to your vehicle as well as third-party liability.

Personal accidental coverage: This policy offers personal accident cover up to Rs 15 lakh, which can also be opted for by purchasing add-on covers like zero depreciation, sudden emergency cover, engine and gearbox protection etc. Those who choose the plan for three years are provided with suitable benefits to avoid relapse. -Regulation problem.

No claim bonus: If the first year passes without any claim, then a 20 percent discount is available on renewal and if there is no claim for five years then a 50 percent discount is available. Plus, there’s also zero depreciation cover that covers the depreciation cost of your vehicle, and round-the-clock emergency assistance is also available if your vehicle requires emergency repairs. Expenses related to electrical and mechanical problems are not covered in the policy.